Delhi Airport is one of the busiest and one of the biggest airports in the entire country. And that is no surprise because Delhi being the capital is a major hub for almost everyone travelling to and from this country. It serves as a gateway to India for anyone coming from the outside to this country for the first time. There is a lot of cool stuff that the airport offers to its travellers but here are the top five facts about the airport we bet you didn’t know.

Most Number Of Runways
The Delhi Airport has the most number of runways than anywhere else in India. This looks like a rather insignificant fact, but in reality, it is what makes the Delhi Airport one of the busiest and most efficient airports in the whole country. The airport is designed in such a way that there are three runways which allow the airline carriers for parallel takeoffs and landings. This makes this airport as the busiest airport all across India.

World’s Number One Airport
This is a fact that everyone should be proud of. Delhi Airport was awarded the title of world’s number one airport in 25 to 50 million passengers per annum category for second consecutive year in 2016. It also bagged three more awards for being the best airport by size in the whole Asia Pacific region, best airport by size and region in Asia Pacific and second best airport in the whole region of Asia Pacific. The Airport Council International gives these awards annually, and the airport has won such awards multiple times despite being a new airport.

Biggest Capacity Airport By 2030
Delhi airport is relatively new, but the planning for further expansion of the airport has already started. The airport plans to serve 100 million passengers per annum by 2030 which is more than double of its current capacity of 40 million passengers per annum. There are plans already in place to design and construct terminal four, terminal five and terminal six in different phases in upcoming years. This will make Delhi airport as the biggest capacity airport in whole Southeast Asia.

 The Amazing Architecture
The whole architecture of Delhi Airport is a marvel in itself. It is very modern and sophisticated, yet it is very open. The whole design philosophy of the airport is based on the North Light concept which consists of the natural light that enters the airport comes from the blue sky rather than directly from the sun. This makes the best use of the sunlight inside the airport, and it is always evenly lit up with amazing natural light.

 Asia Pacific’s First Carbon Neutral Airport
Delhi Airport is one of the very few airports in the world and the first one in whole Asia Pacific region to be declared as a carbon neutral airport. This means that the airport has a net zero carbon footprint and conserves more energy by water conservation, using eco-friendly vehicles and using energy efficient fixtures in the airport, than it uses in a day. This is a huge deal as merely twenty-five airports in the whole world are completely carbon neutral, and Delhi Airport is the only one to do so in this part of the world.

Delhi Airport also offers its travellers an outstanding experience of lounges, dining, guest services and even hotels inside the terminals apart from providing them with an unmatched flying experience. So next time you set foot in the terminal, just look around and marvel at the fact that you are in one of the most advanced and amazing airports in the whole world.

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