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The USA isn’t the most popular country for many international travelers due to visa restrictions, high travel costs, and lack of affordable transportation. However, the United States has some of the world’s funnest cities, incredible national parks, and unique outdoor landscapes. It’s also the place most Americans spend their time traveling. Despite the cost of traveling in the USA it holds something interesting for every kind of traveler.

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How to Travel Abroad With the Eb 1 Visa

How to Travel Abroad With the Eb 1 Visa

How can professionals combine their love for travel and passion for work? Well, the Eb 1 visa offers an extraordinary opportunity to relocate to the USA. As a foreign national, this visa offers you permanent residency, allowing you to stay permanently in the US. Find...

What To Do When You Are In Palm Springs

I love Palm Springs and so do many other people and it isn’t exactly a well kept secret! For those that don’t know, it truly is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the United States. There is so much to do there and it is important that everyone knows...

Visiting The Paradise that is Havasupai

Havasupai – it’s one of those special places, so perfect and unique that it finds itself on everyone’s bucket list. It’s two most famous waterfalls, Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls are so beautiful and picturesque it’s almost hard to...

The Best Places For A Resort Holiday In Florida

Florida is one of the most amazing places in the world to go on a resort holiday and not only that, it is one of my favourite places overall to go. I wanted to talk a little bit more about a few of the best resort destinations in Florida and why you should visit...

Celebrating the Holi Festival of Colors

Celebrating the Holi Festival of Colors

50,000+ people gather to attend the Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah. Celebrated at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple on March 30 2013. What’s a religious Hindu holiday doing being celebrated in a tiny Utah city? Come find out here!

Sunset Over Los Angeles

Sunset Over Los Angeles

Capturing the sunset over Los Angeles. Enjoy the L.A.. sunset from the Hollywood Bowl Overlook and see the entire downtown skyline light up at dusk.

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