Reviewing A Hotel & Hostel in Leon, Nicaragua

Leon offers comfortable hotels and low budget hostels – I’m reviewing one of each, both are highly rated and possibly excellent choices for your next stay in this city.

Semuc Champey – Guatemala’s Hidden Paradise

Are these cascading, turquoise pools Guatemala’s most beautiful destination? Hard to reach and rarely visited Semuc Champey’s natural splendor is unmatched.
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Hiking Biotopo del Quetzal Nature Reserve

It’s not the most famous destination in Guatemala but if you like hiking the outdoors Biotopo del Quetzal holds beautiful scenery and lush forest for your enjoyment. You just have to brave Guatemala’s dangerous accident-prone roads to get there.

Day of the Dead Celebrations in Mexico

Known as Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish, the Day of the Dead is a special holiday to remember and honor the dead throughout Mexico. I’m in Merida, a Mayan town that has it’s own unique twists on the day. This is Mexican culture at its best. I’ll never forget my first time celebrating this holiday!
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Photo of the Week – A Horse Carriage In Granada, Nicaragua

A horse carriage is parked in front of the Guadalupe Church in one of Central America’s oldest European-founded cities, Granada, Nicaragua.

Lake Atitlan – The Most Beautiful Lake in the World?

Lago de Atitlán‎, Guatemala – amazingly beautiful landscapes, charming culture & a mythical folk saint. Is it the world’s most beautiful lake?
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3 Underrated Mexico Destinations

For those who know where to search, Mexico is a diverse and endlessly fascinating country that holds plenty of treasures. Take your own path, avoid the tourist traps and price mark-ups and your trip will cost much less. Inside are 3 suggestions for a more unusual Mexican travel itinerary.
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Chabil Mar – Placencia’s Top Luxury Resort

After spending 5 days in a filthy, decaying guest house I’m checking into a resort for some much needed rest and relaxation. Chabil Mar Villas is the top rated hotel in Placencia, Belize and for good reason!
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Photo of the Week – Mombacho’s Enchanting Cloud Forest

High above sea level at the top of this volcano’s slopes is a mystical cloud forest where everything is enveloped by the mist and fog.

Antigua Luxury & Budget Accommodations Reviewed

Antigua is undoubtedly one of Central America’s top travel destinations. Guatemala’s historic and beautiful city offers accommodation for both luxury and budget travelers and I’m giving a review of both here.
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