Much of Europe and the eastern hemisphere are the ardent backpacker’s dream. The small country of Georgia was once a well-hidden secret that has seen a boom in tourist traffic in recent years. Nestled in between Asia and Europe, Georgia has districts that reside in both continents. 

Before you book a Georgia package, here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about this once war-torn land.


Georgia: From Forsaken Land to Trendy Vacation Destination

Once part of the Soviet Union, Georgia succeeded in 1991. The years following were rife with civil unrest and a brief war with Russia over territorial boundaries.

In the decade since the skirmish with its neighboring goliath, Georgia has become an independent, developing country with a booming tourist industry. 

Part of Georgia’s attraction is its proximity to the Caucasus Mountains. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range forms the northern border of the country while the Lesser Range is at Georgia’s southern border. 

The highest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus is part of the Caucasus Mountain Range located in Russia, just over the border with Georgia. 

Georgia also has rich history and architecture dating back to the 4th century. Located on the Black Sea, parts of the country are noted for its seaside tourism. 


Fast FAQ: 5 Questions about Tourist Safety in Georgia

Whether you’re visiting the intercontinental country for mountain adventures or relaxing by the sea, Georgia has something for every interest. However, fears arise about the safety of visiting a country so recently in turmoil. 

How safe is Georgia? Here are 5 frequently asked questions about tourist safety in Georgia. 

  1. What Areas to Avoid? Even though Georgia is an independent country, some parts of it are still under Russian control. The general consensus is to avoid areas near the Georgia/Russia border, such as South Ossetia and the Abkhazia regions. It’s also important to note that it’s illegal to enter Georgia from Russia. 
  2. Can I Drive in Georgia? You can, but the real question is should you. Depending on your home country, the traffic and lack of road safety in Georgia can be a culture shock. Unless you have nerves of steel, it may be safer to hire a driver, who may also serve as an interpreter and tour guide. 
  3. Is the Crime Rate High? Studies find that the rate of tourists in Georgia has exploded in recent years. Despite that, Georgia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Pickpocketing and other petty crimes are no more or less expected in Georgia than in other tourist destinations. 
  4. Will the Climate Affect My Plans? Georgia is a subtropical climate with hot summers and short winters. However, the mountain peaks can get brutally cold for unprepared tourists. 
  5. Is the Drinking Water Safe? The tap water in Georgia is generally safe, but incidents of giardia have occurred. For that reason, it’s best to avoid drinking the tap water if possible. 


Add Georgia to Your Travel Wish List

If you’re tired of the same old vacation spots, add a somewhat obscure, but safe Georgia. Bordering Europe and Asia, the country offers cultural experiences from two very different continents.