Anything that is prepared at home whether it is food or drinks, the quality and taste are always on the top. Well, what do I mean? If your pocket does not allow you to hang out at your favorite bar all Saturdays, you can choose to make your beers at home and instead invite your buddies for weekend drinks. As long you have all the necessities such as the brewing and fermenting materials, and then you will be able to make your favorite alcohol.

Here are five ways that you can use to brew beers at home.

1. Using the yeast.

Yeast plays a considerable role when making beer because it is added to the grain and water mixture to ferment the liquid to form the beer. Besides, yeast is not expensive since you can get a bunch for as little as 20 dollars. If you are an occasionally brewer, you can reuse your yeast for more than one time. A bunch of yeast that costs or 20 dollars can serve you for a month if you are not a bulky brewer as you will only require about one to two strands of the yeast.

2. All grain brewing.

If you are a beginner in making beers or you need an easy way out when preparing your beers at home, this is the perfect brewing method for you. The all grain brewing method is the brewing process which is most trusted for making great beers just like the ones sold on the pubs and other commercial areas. This kind of brewing method gives you the authority and ability to make your beer depending on your preference and tastes as well.

3. Beer brewing kit method.

The beer kit brewing also referred to as malt extract is the brewing method which involves the use of malt extracts which do not have any hops. This method suits people who want to brew the beer according to their tastes and look because you have the chance of adding the hops to suit you. This method of brewing is not easy and may take some time since you have to add the malt and the hops at different boiling intervals and according to the right amount as well. Also, another essential thing to note on this method is that the boiling time and the heat you use on each hop added determines the flavor it will give at the end of brewing. For the brewing kits, malt homebrewers buy their favorite ones on 52 Brews. So check out the page to fit the brewing kits that will suit your home brewing work.

4. Using the extract method.

Beer kit brewing is essential for people who have no skills regarding the use of hops and how to add them to the mixtures. Therefore, these kits come with all the necessary brewing hops you will need thus requiring less use of equipment to get the end products. This is always the startup kit for all home brewers who are learning how to brew their beers.

5. Buy the grins in bulk.

If you want to save on your expenditure when buying your brewing grains, then it is advisable that you buy them in bulk. This helps you avoid the cost of buying them per pound, and it guarantees you long usage even if they are out of stock as long you store them as required.


If you want to start making your beer at home, consider the above-discussed brewing methods. Ensure that you have all the necessary brewing tool such as fermenters and the ingredients should be measured correctly especially when using the beer brewing kit method.