Harrogate is blessed with some of the best points of interest that Yorkshire has to choose from, you’ll never find yourself short of something to do in Harrogate because there’s something there for everyone.

I think it’s the best place in the UK to visit if you’re looking for a weekend break away from the city. It offers relaxation, value and indulgence. Weekend breaks in Harrogate are becoming increasingly popular with people because it has become so easy to reach, from London you can reach it by train in just a couple of hours. So you could finish work on a Friday afternoon and be sat in a traditional Yorkshire pub by 8 pm sipping on a local real ale – that sounds like a great way to escape the big smoke to me. 

On your weekend break, you’ll be able to enjoy a brilliant guided tour around the city with any number of super experienced guides, you can choose various tours with everything from a food tour of the city to a luxurious tour of the Yorkshire Dales all being available.

If your idea of a weekend break is super relaxation then Harrogate will be a haven! Harrogate is famous for being home to world-class spas and Turkish baths, there really is no better place in the UK to enjoy ultimate indulgence and pampering at the highest level. 

For The Family Trips
All of the major attractions in Harrogate offer activities that can be enjoyed by families. In the past, you would think that a visit to a listed building would be a stuffy affair, but now that is no longer the case. The historic buildings come with play areas, modern interactive displays and loads of activities where the kids can get hands-on and explore the grounds.

For The Activity Trips
If you are escaping the city for a weekend break then your first breath of the fresh Yorkshire air will make you feel great! There are plenty of places where you can explore the fantastic landscapes that surround the city of Harrogate like the famous Brimham rocks. You don’t have to be a super athlete to enjoy the great outdoors in Harrogate. There are plenty of different routes that cyclists and hikers can use, ranging from simple super flat stretches to more challenging climbs that reward the hiker with superb breathtaking views of the landscape.

When you’re exploring the outdoors you will come across plenty of naturally formed spots that are ideal for a picnic, you’ll also see lots of landmarks on your way which make the walks much more enjoyable indeed. Ask your hotel or a local in the bar about the best place to have a picnic, the locals always have some amazing recommendations that will make your day out even more special.

Have you been to Harrogate recently or do you live there? What are your favourite places there and number one activities? We would all love to hear about your recommendations, tips and experiences. I love it when we, as a travel community, can share our ideas with one another to make future trips even more special! Just put everything you would like to share with the community below in the comment section, I know that I am really looking forward to reading everything you’d like to share – I am hoping you’ll recommend some top hidden gems for my next trip to the magical city of Harrogate.