What’s the point of a romantic couple getaway if the element of intimacy and romance is lacking. Planning a romantic getaway can turn out to be sour if you don’t give attention to things like privacy, romantic atmosphere and an exotic place.

It’s common for couples to end up wasting the money by making wrong decisions when it comes to spice up romance in their life.

If you do not want the romance to take a backseat, here are 4 secrets to have a romantic vacation with your spouse:

1.  Choose A Place That Offers Privacy
Imagine going on a date to a place which is heavily crowded. While some people like crowds, but would stay away from crowded places, especially when they are out with their partners. Plus, having people around can also make you or your partner uncomfortable.

To avoid this from happening, you need to pick a place that offers privacy and a peaceful environment so that there’s no disturbance between you two.

A lot of couples tend to shy when there are people around and may not be able to express their feelings completely or show their love. A place that offers privacy can break this barrier and help bring the two closer. A good option would be a couples resort. It can provide you with privacy along with many other fun activities that a couple can experience together.

2. Research And Start Planning Early
Going on a romantic getaway without being aware of the details is a no-no. It’s like leaving everything out on pure luck. In such a situation, a lot can go wrong such as the place you choose may not be a couples-only place or may not offer a lot of facilities.

It’s vital to do some research and choose a place or a venture that is according to the liking of your partner. If your partner loves to travel then planning a long road trip may turn out to be an amazing experience filled with lots of love and romance. So, make sure you keep all the options for you, do the research and go with the one that will make your partner and you happy.

3. Keep It A Surprise
It can be frustrating to work from 9 to 5 every day and live the same redundant life for couples. This may reduce the level of love and romance among couples as they may not be getting enough time to spend together.

A romantic getaway sure can help bring a couple come together and ignite the fire, however, you can take it up a notch by keeping it a surprise for your partner.

When you’re done making arrangements, surprise your partner and see the look on their face. A surprise getaway will make everything romantic and refill the energy of romance that you two may have lost as a result of spending less time together. However, make sure that your partner does not have a busy schedule and can manage to go with you.

4. Make An Effort And Be Creative
Spending money to get things done is one thing but doing something on your own for the one you love is an entirely different ballgame. To make your getaway more romantic, you can kick in your creative soul and come up with strange yet romantic ideas to cherish your partner.

For instance, you can come home early from work and light up the entire place to surprise your partner when they reach home. Even the tiniest efforts made to show love for someone can turn out to be big and romantic. And, sometimes, that’s all you need to respark your lost love.

The Verdict
These four secrets will surely help you and your spouse get back into the romance game. Good luck!