Booking a holiday can be an expensive business, but it’s possible to enjoy some brilliant travel experiences even if you have a limited budget.

As with any personal expense it’s important to spend what you can afford on going away, as you don’t want to be paying off holidays debts for the next 12 months and beyond.

Read on for our top four tips for travelling on a limited budget.

Travel in the ‘low season’

Holiday destinations invariably ramp up their prices during their peak season, so search for opportunities to travel outside of the most popular dates.

Countries such as Thailand can be extremely expensive during their peak season (winter in this case), but there are huge savings to be made if you visit at a different time.

When you travel in the off-season the main attractions are generally quieter, effectively giving you better value for money as you can fully enjoy the places you visit.

Tourist seasons differ around the world, so do some research before travelling to make sure you secure the very best deals.

Plan a sensible budget

Much like the rest of your household outgoings, it’s important to set an affordable budget for your holiday and stick rigidly to it.

Calculate what you can afford to spend and make provisions to save the money as far in advance as you can manage.

Look for other ways to boost your spending power such as doing overtime at work or using special offers at the Virgin Casino for the chance to increase your holiday money.

It’s also prudent to check whether you can make any savings in your weekly household budget to give you even more cash to spend on your travels.


Do your homework

Make sure you fully research your destination before heading away.

Look for special offers in restaurants or if you’re going self-catering search for the cheapest supermarkets to buy your food.

All-inclusive hotels are also a great way to travel on a limited budget, as you know in advance that everything you need is paid for before you get there.

Check out deals for visitor attractions so you know in advance how much your entertainment will cost if you are planning on leaving your hotel.

Use late booking websites

Last minute booking websites have grown massively in popularity in recent years and it’s possible to secure some excellent savings if you’re willing to be flexible about where you’re heading

There are hundreds of travel websites specialising in late bookings, offering you the chance to save significant sums of money on hotels, flights or package deals.

Don’t forget to try and book direct too, as many hotels and airlines look to sell off the last few remaining spaces at a cheaper price.