It takes nothing but a voyage to the deep forests, rustic desserts or an alpine wildlife to make us remember that we’re not the only living and moving creatures in the world. Moreover, an adventurous trip to explore the vibrant wildlife amidst it’s natural habitat isn’t like a mere trip to any zoo. And when you decide to go out for such a gutsy caravan, you must plan it on a prior basis in an organised way. For example, you should have a proper hotel arrangements nearby where you can call off the day after wandering around the wild flora and regain energy for your next day’s escapade. And if you want to make the whole episode of booking one good hotel a frugal one, then you can opt for a lucrative offer like travelodge online discount code to save huge bucks.

Now, if you’re not much familiar with such amazing destinations then you can get an overview of five best nature-hugging spots below where a close encounter with some incredible living creatures is guaranteed.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

This national park has the largest number of watchable wild animal in the world. It totally depends on what type of wildlife you want to see, you’ll certainly have better luck in finding such in different pockets of the park. For example, you’ll get an opportunity to run into the resident elk herd who is residing in the mammoth area while munching on the tender grass that usually grows around the hotels and various visiting spots.

  1. Costa Rica

This stupendous travelling destination for those who love animal and wilderness has more than 50,000 species. With a wide array of habitat like the tropical rainforest, deciduous forests, coastline etc., Costa Rica became the home of a variety of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, etc. You can enjoy the unique view of camouflaged coat of the sleepy sloth, colourful plumage of Resplendent Quetzal, etc.

  1. Galapagos Island

This island with a volcanic origin, located 600 miles-off the western coast of Equator is a hub of a variety of animals. You can go for a long walk with the Island’s population of Galapagos giant tortoise which lives for more than even 150 years. You can spot one among the many kind of species of birds which include Darwin’s finches, blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, albatrosses, etc. The best way to see as many animals as possible is to take a Galapagos Cruise.

  1. Nalimbia

Nalimbia with 26 parks and reserves sets an example of having a really abundant wildlife which is one of it’s greatest tourists assets. Many populations of Nalimbian wildlife reduced in the past years due to various human-wildlife conflicts. But, due to the multiple numbers of communal conservancies, non-profitable organisations and other government bodies, restored the populations of cheetahs, black-rhinos, lions, zebras etc.

  1. Alaska

Alaska which is also known as great land is the biggest home of both land and sea species. It’s very easy to spot an extravagant variety of such terrestrial and marine flora there. It is a safe haven for all kinds of wildlife starting from bald eagles to beluga whales. Be it any kind of land animals starting from grizzly, polar bears, foxes to coyotes, mountain goats and many more, you’re going to get it all.

So, if you’re planning to go for exploring your favourite living creatures- the astounding wild flora, then don’t forget to keep the places in mind which are mentioned above to make the whole travelling episode a dashing and interesting one.