If you’re going backpacking then you need to be aware that where you are going is maybe not as safe as where you’re from. These tips are here to help you do so and will lower your incidence of issues.

Buy a Phone and Local Sim for a Great Price

Most of us recognize the benefits that smartphones provide but they tend to be high ticket items and provide an easy target for criminals. In addition, when you are using them outside of your local area or abroad, you may amass some significant roaming charges. Rather than carrying a more expensive device, you can save money by choosing a device that only has calling and texting abilities. When you use a less complicated phone, it tends to be more reliable and the battery will last longer because you have fewer things running in the background. In addition, if something should happen to it, you can replace it easily and at a much lower cost. After getting to your destination, you can purchase a sim card from the local network so that you are only paying the rates in the local area for texting and calling.

Prior to the time you take your trip, you should store your important numbers. In addition to any local contacts and emergency services, you should also have the numbers for the embassy or consulate, the accommodations where you will be staying and your emergency contacts such as family or friends.

Get Prepared And Then Leave Half of Your Stuff at Home

Some travelers prefer to pack light and others wish that they had packed light.

It requires a certain amount of planning and forethought to pack light for a trip. Many of us tend to pack things because it might be needed but that ends up being a trap. More than likely, it will just stay in the bag for the entire trip. Remember the rule of 3s when it comes to packing your clothes. Take one to wear, one to have clean and one for in the wash. When you pack too much you are not only providing an inconvenience for yourself, everyone will know you are traveling.

Be Careful in Taxis

A lot of countries don’t have the same level of regulation of their taxis as we do in the UK and taxis can be dangerous. This isn’t going to be as safe as your taxi in Newbury, so be sure to take all precautions when hitching a lift when on your gap year.  

Pack a Door Stop

One of the most effective devices for travel is a simple door stop. Once you are in your room, wedge it under the door from the inside and nobody will be coming in. You can buy a stopper for a very low price or just make yourself one out of a piece of wood. If you like things to be fancy, there are options available as well. In fact, there are some door stops that include alarms if they are displaced. Even if you are sleeping soundly, the alarm will alert you to an attempt to break into the room.

Leave the iPad at Home

Don’t be tempted to bring all of your gadgets with you. Most of them are just for browsing pictures but you will actually be there enjoying the view in person. In addition, when you are buried in your tablet or smartphone, you are a prime target.

Pay More when you Arrive

When you get to your destination, make sure you book a great room for the first night. It is really going to make a difference in your comfort level, even if you are only booking it for one night. Having a comfortable room allows you get acclimated to the area and it removes the stress of not knowing where you are going to be when you first get in the area.