The COVID-19  pandemic has changed all our lives and especially our travel plans. While everyone is longing for that cozy cabin feeling or a beach getaway, there are others who have skillfully incorporated ways that can make it feel like a vacation even at home. From home decors to simple family rituals, here are some ideas to bring the feeling of having a vacation to your home.

Disconnect completely

One of the greatest feelings about traveling is being disconnected from your daily world. Staying away from all the fuss and commotion is always soothing to your mind and body. When you are home, you can recreate the same feeling by keeping yourself disconnected from the external world for a day, or at least a few hours of the day. Keep your WiFi off and electronics away. Read a book or spend time with your children. 

Renovate your home

A few changes to your house, no matter how small or big it is, can freshen up your mood. Buy some fancy furniture that reminds you of your favorite destination or a hotel you stayed in on your last vacation. Set up a small conservatory or orangery with glass roofs. You will feel more relaxed every time you take a tea break in there than on a tropical vacation. Or you can simply even get some stunning pictures of your favorite destination on the bedroom wall.

Try out some international recipes

Traveling to different places gives you the opportunity to try out some of the most delicious cuisines from around the world. Though we all miss these experiences very much, there are plenty of youtube videos out there that can teach you to cook these wonderful recipes at home. Instead of your normal house food, try some of these international dishes. It will keep your tastebuds refreshed until you are back out there again.

Make your bed cozy

A good night’s sleep can make every day feel like a vacation. Fill your bed with warm blankets. Never restrict yourself from getting a long sleep. This means no unnecessary alarms. Break your normal routine just like when you are on a vacation. You can also change the arrangement of your bed and other furniture in your bedroom to get that same feeling when you are staying at a hotel. 

Change your daily routine.

The best part of being on a vacation is that you don’t need to worry about cleaning the plates or taking out the trash. No matter how much you try, you will not be able to get this feeling at home. However, you can swap your everyday tasks with other family members. This will help you break your normal routine and give the feeling that you are doing something different.

Give yourself a spa treatment

We all have self-care rituals. While you stay at home, you can take it up a notch and give yourself a great spa treatment right at home. Try out some products that can help you feel relaxed, soft, fresh, and clean. Give yourself a good luxurious facial with those fancy at-home facial kits that you always wanted to try. And most importantly always be sure to stay calm and have fun.