The planet is full of beautiful scenery that can take your breath away. There are gorgeous beaches, oceans, and forests all over the place and they are amazing to discover, but have you ever tried looking for beauty deep inside the Earth? For instance, have you ever been into a cave?

It may seem a bit dark and cold, but caves are wonderful places to explore. Even more, the amazing scenery within caves across the world will astound you! Caves also feature are unique ecosystems that offer a wonderful insight into how life could’ve been and they keep ancient secrets that we’re still discovering.

So, if you like adventure and discovery, we recommend taking a tour of the most beautiful caves in the world!

Deer Cave, Borneo, Malaysia

Once connected to the actual island of Borneo, this cave is 4,900 feet thick with limestone rocks that also have sea shells in them. Actually, the cave got its name because deer would go in there to lick on the salty rocks. They also will use this space as a shelter.

Each year, 25,000 people visit it due to its beauty and fame but the best part is that it’s not empty – there are over 30 species of bats living in Deer Cave and you may have the unique chance of meeting a few of them. However, if you want to explore deeper, we recommend finding the best night vision goggles since not all areas are arranged for the public.

The area has a trail that will lead to another cave where you can see limestone, and you can even see the Garden of Eden, which is a real sinkhole that has the bottom filled with a patch of rain forest. As you will notice, the cave is still molding itself, after millions of years.

Enchanted Well, Brazil

Located in within the Capada Diamantia in Bahia, Brazil, the Enchanted Well was formed by erosion from a river that runs under the cave’s limestone. The great thing about it is that when light creeps in, you can see the water’s reflection and the transparent glow of the well water.

The beautiful blue and green colors add to the beauty of an already wonderful looking cave where you can look around for ages! If you are really into the geological value, you will see rare stalagmites that slowly formed in the last years. Surely, you will want to take photos of such a fantastic landscape!

Cave of Crystals, Mexico

Connected to the Naica Mine, this cave boasts some large crystals that can be as big as 39 feet long! This happens because under the cave, magma heats the groundwater, which comes in contact with mineral water. However, the mix is not possible because of the density. In such a case, sulfate can crystallize (over hundreds of thousands of years) and will form the huge crystals this place is so well-known.  Just keep in mind that some of the crystals are over a half of million years old!

It is a wonderful landscape to lay your eyes upon, but there are also some difficulties with exploring the cave. For instance, you are going to feel a lot of humidity and heat, so be prepared and stay hydrated. Because of the dense environment, many people prefer to avoid exploring the cave, but if you’re healthy you should consider it. It is a wonderful experience and it will somehow make you think about our primordial beginnings.

Overall, this cave is a beauty to explore, especially if you want to see some of the biggest crystals in the world!

Onondaga Cave, Missouri

The Onondaga Cave State Park was accidentally discovered by Charles Christopher when he noticed a spring that led him to the cave. Nowadays, the entire cave is lit using electricity and you have the amazing possibility of exploring every nook and cranny. Actually, Onondaga Cave is the first one to be completely lit in the Missouri region.

While in the cave, be sure to check out the Lilly pad formations, which are beautiful. The water is clear and the inside of the cave is quite amazing to see! We also recommend visiting the Vilander Bluff Natural Area where you have the opportunity to observe more interesting plants and formations! The cliffs at the Vilander Bluff are magnificent and have over 200 old red cedar trees! Plus, you can look over the Meramec River, where you just might spot a Great Blue Heron!

Kverkfjoll Ice Cave, Iceland

The Kverkfjoll ice cave is situated near volcanoes that are still active, and when these two completely opposite forces meet, wonders are created. Here, you can actually see a glacier run! This happens because under the mountains, there is a magma chamber. However, this area is closed to public access (active magma poses some dangers).

Still, you won’t leave empty handed! The area is rich in hot springs and we recommend anyone to visit them and take a dip. Such an experience will definitely relax your tired body feel after this long hiking trip!

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Located in New Mexico, this national park is connected to the Guadalupe Mountains which means you won’t just get to enjoy the caverns; you’ll also have a great trip until there. Now, about the cave: in the largest chamber you can see natural limestone that can stand up to 78 feet high (if you think that is a lot, just consider the fact that this is the 5th largest chamber in North America).

Thought to be 250 million years old, this area was originally a coastline and now you can see the remains of a rich marine life and reef growths. While you are seeing limestone, you can also see gypsum, which happens when sulfuric acid dissolves the limestone. Because of evaporation, you can see that calcium deposits are left behind, as well as the formation of stalactites.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

This Scottish cave is some sort of a sea cave which gives it fantastic acoustics. If you read Joules Verne when you were young, the shape and location of this cave will definitely make you think about Captain Nemo and his Nautilus. After all, who knows? Maybe this was the cave that inspired Verne in the first place.

You can take an individual boat or you can opt for a cruise but the only way of access if via water. The cave is not only mysterious but it also impresses visitors with its weirdly shaped columns that can be found all over on the inside. Actually, Fingal’s Cave impressed many writers over the ages and many stories are based on its weird aspect.

Once you complete your visit here, you can also check out the Iona Island, which is across the water from this cave, and is amazing to see!

A few final words…

If you love traveling, you can visit many places of beauty around the world. These caves are just a few of the most beautiful on our planet, so you don’t want to miss out on them! However, make sure to take the proper precautions when exploring caves as they pose additional threats to unwary tourists. You should always have a few important items like the best tactical flashlight – you never know when you need a bit of extra light!

Overall, you will love the breathtaking experience that these caves have to offer!