Are you a fan of collecting points for various things like shopping in certain stores, buying certain products or flying with certain airlines? These days there are so many amazing points schemes out there that help make life easier for those who collect points of all kinds, allowing them to redeem points for things like flight tickets, hotel rooms and various types of gift cards. Accumulating points is a great way to make travel cheaper and is one of the ways that I travel to different places so easily. With so many points racked up over time, especially with Bonwi, it’s easy to book hotels, car rentals or flights while saving bundles of money.


Bonwi give SO many points back to you when you use them, helping you collect tons of points in an extremely short span of time. Check out how I get so many points and why it’s a real benefit when you book with Bonwi, helping you keep travelling in style, even if you don’t have the money.


How Bonwi Works

Bonwi is a useful tool for anyone who travels – whether it’s a little or a lot. The concept of Bonwi is to help people just like you and I see more of the world by making travel a bit easier on the pocketbook. Using search engines that connect you to thousands of amazing deals around the world for hotels and car rentals, the site allows you to purchase them directly through Bonwi, and then gives you special Bonwi points that can be redeemed in the future for flights, gift cards, and other hotels or car rentals too. It’s so easy and the points you get per booking are enormous, so you can build up those points quickly, letting you enjoy the perks sooner!


Booking Online

Online bookings with Bonwi are so easy that I just can’t stop using them. Whether I’m redeeming points for a flight home, a trip abroad or a holiday with friends or I’m renting a car to zip around a foreign country on a long weekend with ease, they are just so easy to use and you can build up your points pool incredibly fast. Booking online is simple, and with their easy to use website you won’t be stuck looking around for where to find a brilliant deal. Just use the handy search option on their homepage to look for the best hotel or car rental deal for you and then book away using your credit card. Don’t worry though – Bonwi don’t keep the records of credit card numbers so your number won’t ever be at risk with Bonwi in any way.


Redeeming points works the same as searching for regular deals – simply click on the ‘Redeem’ tab at the top of the page after logging in and then search for the destination and dates and away you go. It couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it’s so easy that even those who are technologically challenged would be able to book the trip of a lifetime with Bonwi! See for yourself!


Points System

Bonwi points are great because they last ages (up to 2 years from your last booking!) and have some of the best terms and conditions around. For example, there’s no blackout dates on bookings like there can be with a lot of points-based booking systems for airlines and such – you can fly, stay or drive whenever you want. The points are accumulated based on the price of a booking – and are shown on results for the overall booking, not per night, although it does show this under the overall amount of points for the booking if you’re interested.


Why I Love It

Honestly, what’s not to love about Bonwi? The ease of use, the customer service, the vast amount of options for bookings and the redemption choices between hotels, cars, flights or gift cards is a great reason I keep coming back to Bonwi. Even if I don’t want to use my points for travelling, I can use them to buy hotels or gift cards for friends or family for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and more – a great resource when you want to save money over the holidays. With so many great things to love about Bonwi, it’s no wonder it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular points-based membership programs in the world!


Whether you travel a lot or only a little, Bonwi is perfect for those people who are looking for not only great deals but also a points reward system that really gives decent rewards for membership longevity and use. So if you’re looking for the best in points membership plans, Bonwi is the best, hands down. Don’t delay – get your sign up bonus today!