Travelling can get very expensive. This is especially true if you are looking to travel to a lot of different countries or even as a large party. That said, there are a few things that you can do to cut down on your travelling costs and even be able to visit more places without going over your estimated budget. Below, we look at a few brilliant hacks that will help you save money and help you find cheaper flights. 

Book Your Flight at the Right Time

If you travel constantly, then you know that flights have low and high seasons. During the low season, when the demand is low, flights get a lot cheaper. The reverse is also true; higher passenger numbers mean higher prices. Airlines will also offer cheaper flights to Montreal if you pay well in advance. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation, be sure to start scouting for flights around 3 months before your date of travel.

Also, paying with a credit card at the right time could help you spread out your payment. When your credit card turns over, typically at the 28th of the month, you get 28 more days to pay off any debt incurred after that turnover has happened. So, if you book a flight on day 2, you have until the 30th or so to pay off your flight.

Book Your Flight on the Right Days

Farecompare, a website that compares the prices of different airlines, conducted a study which shows that airlines offer cheaper flights from Tuesday to Thursday. Using this data, it makes a lot of sense to book your flight on those dates if you are looking to save some money.

Fly During Off-peak

A lot of people who travel by plane hate flying on Saturday nights. They also hate red-eye flights. Airline companies know this and therefore offer cheaper rates for these types of flights. If you are looking to save a ton of money, book these off-peak flights. Be sure to check that you do not have other obligations that this may make you late for, simply by trying to save a few dollars.

Take Advantage of Connecting Flights

Flying to major cities can be very expensive. These routes are always in high demand, and that explains the expensive flights. If you are looking to fly to a major city, why not fly to a smaller city (which is usually cheaper), and then take a regional flight to take you all the way there? This hack works well for cities in Europe, Asia and America because there are so many smaller destinations to connect from.

A bonus to this hack is that since you might not have booked your second flight before flying in, you get to explore the city before finally departing to your final destination. 

Free Stopovers to the Rescue

A lot of people hate long stopovers. Airlines know this, and will therefore offer cheaper rates as an incentive to fill the plane. If you can, do your research on airlines that offers free stopovers. Airlines that do this include Emirates Air and Icelandair. Note that you might have a stopover in a city you might not like because airlines choose where you stop and you have no input or choice in the matter. 

Watch Price Predictors

Some sites that aggregate airline data use past data and indicators to predict prices of future fights. Even though these websites might not have data on less-travelled routes, they always show the prices of other flights going up as the flight date or time gets closer.

Using these indicators can tell you the best time to pay for your flight so that you can take advantage of these rates and save a ton of money. 

Take Advantage of Credit Card Perks

Certain companies, such as American Express, offer certain perks for getting their most expensive cards. One of these perks might be travel miles on chosen airlines. It is always a good idea to weigh the potential money saved on the travel miles against using a potentially more expensive credit card. 

Other companies offer mileage bonuses for using their cards while others offer cash back for using their credit cards. 

Join a Frequent Flyer Alliance

Booking through a frequent flyer alliance might be a little more expensive at first, but you will make up for it through the free miles they will give you. Some frequent flyer alliances give you double and triple points for using certain credit cards. Also, look for an alliance that lets you use your miles on different airlines for maximum advantage.

Know How to Check Airline and Booking Websites

Many booking and price comparison websites have a lot of hidden features. Unearthing these features might lead to some discounts, cheaper fares or even in-flight upgrades. Always use more than one site to compare flights. Doing so will let you get the best deals. Include search engines and the airlines’ website in your arsenal of research material, too. For example, if you are looking for flights to Montreal, you may be better off booking direct with a regional airline like Porter. They offer top-rated service at great rates, and even include extra legroom, fast check-in, and free snacks and drinks as standard!

Sign Up for and Set Up Price Alerts

Most flight comparison websites let you set up price alerts. You get an alert any time a flight on a certain route hits a certain price point. Keep an eye on the price for a few hours or even days, but make sure that you do not get too close to the day of the flight because prices tend to go up as the flight nears. 

Choose Cheaper Destination Gems

There are so many beautiful places in the world that you don’t have to travel to common destinations. Flights to these hidden destination gems are usually cheaper and the amount of money you would spend travelling in America or Europe would last you a few months travelling around, say, South America.

Pack Just What You Need

Check-in baggage is an added expense that you could do without. Be sure to pack just what you need to ensure that you do not have any check-in bags. If you do, make sure that it is one bag and not more. Besides helping you save a bit, having just a carry-on also ensures that you are not stuck at your destination lugging heavy bags behind you.

Use an Incognito Browser

A lot of travel blogs agree that searching for flights on an incognito browser yields cheaper prices than when you do on a normal browser. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) might also help you save some money. Remember that flights to Montreal or any other destination are priced according to the strength of your local currency. So, if you use a VPN that shows you to be in a country with a weak currency, you are likely to get a cheaper flight than you would in the USA or the UK for example.

Watch What You Eat

Food can be very expensive, especially in major cities, so be sure to shop around for food before settling on a restaurant. Take advantage of restaurant apps that show the prices of food in different restaurants.

Travelling does not have to break your bank; you can travel cheaply. All that you need to do is to do a bit of research and plan your travels at the right time. Take these tips on board and see how much you can save!