Many want to get behind the wheel of for a 4×4 adventure, but it’s even better when you have roads to tackle. A truck can handle rockier terrain than what suburban and city landscapes offer. Why not take such a vehicle somewhere with a bit of elevation and scenery? The Pacific Cordillera is a region of Canada popular for heights and sights. Here’s why it should be on your 4×4 list.



The cordillera was covered by an ice sheet at one time. The ice sheet was extensive and mountains eventually formed after the collision of tectonic plates and stray islands. The famous Rocky Mountain range is included within the larger Cordillera stretch. Today, the area is a huge tourist attraction and attracts fans from all over the globe.



The weather is not intense whether you’re travelling in the winter or summer. The summer months are gorgeous and the forestry provides shade and a chance to camp. The winter months are cold but dry, presenting plenty of opportunity to get out of your Jeep Cherokee and walk trails.



While the range is cascaded with rock and trees, there’s plenty of luxury to be found in the mountains. Find elegant hotels, high-class dining, high-end shopping opportunities, and more. Let your truck do the heavy work while you and family sit back and relax in the mountains.



If you love driving and time if not a major factor, you will want to take advantage of several travelling options. Metro Vancouver envelopes 12 towns and cities, offering the chance to indulge in food and engage in the local community. The Sea to Sky Highway stretches from Vancouver to Pemberton. You’ll have access to spectacular views of mountains and the sea.



A range of wildlife calls Coast Mountain home. You can catch sight of bears, birds, and whales. If that is not rare enough for you, there’s moose, mountain goat, and elk. You can decide to catch glimpse of animals on your own or use the service of tour guides. Bird watching is huge there as well as fishing and hunting.



Depending on your personal or family preference, rough it or go glamping, electing to insert some luxury and comfort in the experience. A mild time of year beckons the outdoor personality who hikes, cooks their own food, and sleeps in a tent. With a Jeep Cherokee 4×4, you have limitless options of finding a campground.



Some feel reluctant to take the kids on a 4×4 adventure. However, others have more fun by putting the kids into the mix, opting to stay at a cosy hotel while designating time to go off-roading, spend time with the spouse, engage in a number of family activities in the area, etc.



It’s overkill to point out that the Coast Mountain area offers plenty of beauty. But, the yearly climate provides plenty of opportunity for those who can appreciate rich gardens. Actually, Stanley Park attracts worldwide attention for it’s the ‘green jewel of Vancouver.’