Disclosure Policy

I write about my travels. Some travel experiences can get expensive fast. Occasionally, I selectively accept some forms of advertising and sponsorship from companies I find of high standards. Forms of compensation might include services such as discounted tours, accommodation and/or products. If  a post notes that “I was a guest” or “I was invited to try” that’s me saying there’s an exchange happening. I might not always note if something was sponsored in a tweet, Facebook post or other social media. I write about these experiences and I always do my best to give my honest, unbiased opinion and ensure any compensation received does not influence my review.

Some pages and posts may contain ‘affiliate’ links, that means if you click on one of them and make a purchase with the company, I’ll receive a small compensation for referring you. You pay the same price (or possibly get a better deal) whether you click the link from my site or not.

For questions about this policy, please contact me.