When you are on vacation with family, you don’t really pay attention to the quality of the photos you take. Seeing as they are usually snapped at moments you can’t prepare for, the end result might not always be to your liking.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make the photos as impressive as your memories. Simply utilize any of these tips for, which can be performed on photo editing software to bring family vacation photos to life.

  1. The AutoFix Option

Photo editing doesn’t get easier than this, especially if you want to focus on balancing color and detail. All you need to do is find the Retouch Tab, which will contain the AutoFix option. Once you use it, you will quickly notice the difference.

  1. Bring Back The Color

You will always have one of those photos where everyone is in a perfect position, but the exposure from the lens was too much. This leaves you with a pale picture that could’ve been the cream of the crop. But as you’ve guessed, there is a simple solution under the Color Boost Tab. From there, you just go to the Filters and boost the color.

  1. Tweaking The Saturation

Tweaking the saturation will always deliver a visible change, especially if you are looking for that tanned look. And with PhotoPad, it is easier than ever to bring out more intensity regarding color and shade. You can find the saturation settings underneath the Color Tab.

  1. What About Vignette?

Here is a neat little tool that can help you bring focus to a spot on the photo, or cover the “noise” in the background. It is a called a vignette, which can be accessed via the Effects Tab. You are also at liberty to adjust this setting to an intensity you like.

  1. Go Artistic

If you really want to go all out and do some heavy editing, why not consider the Oil Painting option under the Creative Tab? As expected, you can adjust the settings until PhotoPad renders the best oil painting you’ve ever seen of your family.