As Canada’s most densely populated city Vancouver can at times feel a bit cramped for residents and tourists alike. Even those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban jungles need to spread out and enjoy the outdoors now and then. You never have to go to far in Canada to enjoy the outdoors, and thankfully Vancouver is no exception. Check out these 3 great destinations a stones throw from downtown to breathe in some fresh air.


Stanley Park Leisure

An oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle – you’ve probably heard of Stanley Park. It’s the first, the biggest & the most famous park in Vancouver; it’s also a national  historic site of Canada. Escape the highrises and the modern city by exploring this 400-hectare rainforest, surrounded by water and covered in majestic trees. This large park offers a variety of activities for all ages from miles of walking trails, gardens, landmarks and monuments around every corner.

The seawall which is 14 miles long, is a stone wall & pathway along the perimeter of the park bordering the sea and is the park’s most used attraction. With unbeatable waterfront views spending time on the seawall is on most visitor’s itinerary.


Challenging Grouse Grind

Located 30 minutes from the city, the Grouse Mountain is home to year-round outdoor delight including skiing, lumberjack shows and a wildlife refuge. If the laid back seawall walk at Stanley Park isn’t extreme enough for you perhaps a more challenging day should be spent on the Ground Grind hiking trail. 2,830 – that’s the number of stairs you’ll need to climb to finish what’s been nicknamed Mother Nature’s Stairmaster. This hike is no stroll through park, it’s a difficult 1.8 miles of steep trails up the mountain that will test your endurance and fitness. The payoff? Try incredible scenic views from the top and the satisfaction of knowing you can do it!

Check out the website for current hours and conditions.


Lynn Canyon Park Fun

Located just outside of North Vancouver or around 25 minutes from downtown this 617 acre park is home to breathtaking, lush trees and vegetation. It’s so beautiful in fact that several TV shows like Stargate SG-1 have been filmed here. The park is home to a variety of hiking trails, bridges, waterfalls and natural swimming pools. Don’t miss the famous 160 foot high Lynn Canyon suspension bridge; the views are incredible and the swaying, wobbly bridge is sure to keep your senses on alert as you walk along it.


In The City

With close proximity to Seattle and as one of Canada’s most modern, prosperous cities Vancouver is a popular travel destination. There are numerous hotels and vacation properties for rent so it’s easy to find a place to stay in the city. Public transportation is a mix of buses, Skytrain and the Seabus – a rental car isn’t necessary but a good option.