We all love vacations, but most of us have a hard time finding the time or money to go on one. 55% of American workers don’t take all of the vacation offered to them. There are many reasons for this. 1) Just because you have vacation time off of work doesn’t mean that you also have the spare money to take a vacation, 2) Some people feel they’ll seem under committed at work if they step away, 3) some people are absorbed in other things, and 4) many people just don’t think it’s valuable.


However, the benefits of the rest and relaxation we enjoy on a vacation are indisputable. In fact, people who take vacations from work are found to be more productive, on average, than those who keep their nose to the grindstone year in and year out. Even so, this does not solve the problem of not having enough money to vacation, but even if you find yourself in that situation, you should still be able to make it work one way or another. Here are some methods to do just that.



  • Save Year Round. You’ll never be able to pay for those family vacations in Orlando unless you make it a priority to do so. By saving year round, you won’t have to scrimp at the last minute, or put the trip on a credit card.
  • Rethink What it Means to Vacation. While everyone loves a holiday out of state or out of country, these trips are not inherently more fun, interesting, or relaxing than holidays spent closer to home. Some people have a great time going on a Staycation – a time spent in your own city, doing things you’ve never had time to do before, but without going to work. You may find a trip to a nearby region equally enjoyable. Rent a cabin. Go fishing. Take your dog to a field and let him run off leash. Sometimes it’s just getting out of your daily grind that makes a vacation, and this doesn’t take expensive plane tickets.


  1. Research Activities Off the Tourist Track. It’s expensive to be a tourist when you limit your activities to things geared toward tourists (and their money). The stereotypical tourist doesn’t like to experience anything too challenging. They want food they are familiar with, beaches that are pristine, and people who speak their language. If you’re willing to get off the beaten path and find your own activities, not only will these be more interesting, they’ll be much cheaper, too. You’ll also get to know the place you’re visiting more intimately. Once you return home, you will feel that you have really been to a place with a unique identity, rather than an expensive resort that is much like other resorts all around the world.


There are many ways to save on vacation and make one affordable regardless of your situation. Some of them are not contained here. Get creative, save money, make it a priority, and you should be able to take a vacation in 2017.