There are many thrilling activities to do in New Zealand when you’re seeking a real buzz and wish to create magical memories. New Zealand is a hotbed for adrenaline junkies, with popular activities for tourists and locals including jet-boat riding, bungee jumping, white water rafting, zorbing and skydiving. There are many companies offering unforgettable New Zealand guided tours that can help if you’re keen to add thrilling activities to your experience. Let’s take a look at five of the most exhilarating things you can do while in New Zealand right now.

Zorbing. Zorbing is the popular practice of rolling downhill while in an orb that is normally made out of plastic. Also known as zorbing, sphereing, and globe-riding, the activity has grown in popularity over recent years. One of the country’s most well-known zorbing activity providers is ZORB New Zealand, which is located in Rotorua.

White-water rafting. White-water rafting involves taking a raft through white water or river rapids. Around ten million people are said to have gone white-water rafting at some point during their lives. Commonly-chosen rafting destinations in New Zealand include Rotorua, Queenstown, Turangi, and Waitomo Caves. Many people regard Queenstown to be the adventure capital of New Zealand.

Skydiving. In skydiving, participants jump from an airplane while it’s in motion and slowly parachute towards the ground. Skydiving is an ideal choice for those wishing to conquer their fears and boost their confidence, and New Zealand is home to many companies that can help you enjoy an intoxicating skydive from around 19,000 feet. Some of the most popular destinations for skydiving in New Zealand include Abel Tasman, Auckland, and the Bay of Islands. Tandem, static line, and accelerated freefall are all well-known types of skydiving.

Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is also great for anyone wishing to address their fears face-on. People often cite a great sense of freedom and accomplishment after bungee jumping. The Nevis Bungy in Queenstown is said to be New Zealand’s highest bungee, with the Ledge Bungy in Queenstown reportedly being the only night bungee. The Agroventure Adventure at Rotorua is often said to be the best bungee for those on a budget.

Jet-boat riding . This activity was first developed after the farmer Bill Hamilton created a special boat for navigating the shallow rivers of Canterbury. It wasn’t long before enthusiastic entrepreneurs noted the commercial potential of jet-boating. During a typical jet boat ride in New Zealand, you can expect to glide along narrow river gorges, see sheer rock faces up close, and come into close contact with braided waters. There are many excellent places to go jet boating whilst in New Zealand, such as Lake Wanaka in Queenstown, the Huka Falls in Taupo, and the Waimakariri in Christchurch.

New Zealand may well be the perfect location for you if you’re wishing to engage in all manner of heartracing exciting activities whilst exploring the country. Why not consider booking New Zealand guided tours that incorporate some of these breathtaking activities?