Shanghai is a lavish city of China, and has countless attractive places to tour. It attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. Holidaying in Shanghai is an excellent opportunity to learn about China’s culture, history, local cuisine, and the people’s way of life. There are different flights to Shanghai, but picking the right flight is critical.

Which Airlines fly to Shanghai

Being one of the mainland cities in China, you expect to get a wide range of airlines flying to Shanghai. Cathay Pacific is the leading airline to Shanghai. It lands at the two major airports, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao Airport.

What are the fundamental aspects to consider booking a flight to Shanghai?

In today’s digital era, almost everything is possible with the click of a button, and booking a flight is no exception. With the availability of online bookings, reserving a flight to Shanghai has never been easier. However, flying has a few impediments security is now a concern. If you want to feel safe and comfortable, consider the tips below to determine the best airline.

1. Time and season

The cost of Shanghai flights varies depending on the season and time of the year. For instance, peak seasons like Easter and Christmas are busy. During this time, many people travel for holidays, and you expect the tickets to be so costly. However, there are low seasons, and you don’t expect many people to vacation during this time. 

The ticket prices during the low season are considerably lower, making it the ideal time for vacations. Nevertheless, the best time to tour Shanghai from October to November. It’s short autumn with friendlier temperatures and less crowding.

2. Airline safety

If you’ve toured other countries before, you must be aware that there are government bodies that oversee the aviation industry. These include; the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the National Safety Transportation Board. All have distinct functions in ensuring passenger safety. 

If you’re concerned about your safety, visit and check the safety history of the airline. It tracks air crashes and many other safety-related incidents involving leading airlines worldwide. Governments also keep a list of the airlines that they consider unsafe. Confirm this before making reservations for new airlines.

3. Confirm the Airline membership

Ascertain whether the airline is affiliated with the major airline Oneworld Booking. Cathay Pacific is a member of the oneworld global airline which presents you with benefits like; more flight choices and flexibility, sharing bonus points, code share flights, and lounge access across the members of the alliance.

3. Seat Amenities

Airline seats feature different amenities, and these vary from one airline to another. The seats may feature a recline mechanism for enhanced comfort, and eating and reading trays. Also, some offer a seat back that folds to form a small table. To get more information about seat reviews, aircraft seat maps, and in-flight amenities, visit You’ll get seat reviews for all the leading airlines.

4. Flight time & Destination

If you opt for a “direct” flight, consider the hours it takes to the destination. Use a quick Google search to compare this with the normal flying time. Moreover, ensure that the layover hours match your schedule. If you book for a stopover, ensure that it allows ample time to leave the airport. 

Ascertain whether it sticks to destinations with efficient ground transits close to the airport. If the layover will save you some money, ensure that the nearby hotels are also cheaper. You don’t want to save on a layover and spend all the money booking a hotel.

5. Risks involved

Consider all the risks involved with your flight. It’s also advisable to confirm whether you’ll lose your reservation in case of emergencies. Some things to note are monsoon and hurricane seasons, labor strikes, political issues, health issues, and personal reasons. Check out reviews by other travelers to get a better understanding of their experience using the airline.

6. Flight cost

Airlines use different approaches to set the price of flight tickets. The flight cost varies from one travel site to another. Some of the factors that affect pricing are competition, load factor, seasons, services offered, and promotions. 

You’re also likely to pay more if your itinerary comprises more than one airline. As such, it’s better to book directly from the airline than to use an agent. Go for the Cathay Pacific offering the best deals, and this will save you some time. You also can compromise on the luxury comforts such as food on board and seating arrangement to enjoy your flight.

How can you get your flight tickets to Shanghai?

Different airlines fly to Shanghai, and the charges vary. You want to get the best deals without hurting your pocket. There are many ways to achieve this. First of all, Cathay Pacific always offers the best rates. 

Keep checking the sites for any promotions. They are mostly available late in the night or early in the morning. The deals keep on changing, and in most cases, don’t last long. Take advantage of the promotions, and this will help you to get an affordable ticket. Take advantage of the Online booking bonus offers, you can get your ticket easily and save you a lot of time.

Moreover, book the tickets early; this avoids paying more during the last-minute rush. Besides, the trick to a successful trip lies in proper planning. Know when to travel. The ticket fares normally hike during peak seasons, including weekends, holidays, and festivities. Plan your trip when fewer people are likely to travel, and you’ll get a reasonable flight ticket.