Mexico is well known for its white sand beaches and lazily swaying palm trees, but there is much more to discover within this captivating nation. From ancient ruins to unexplored jungles – travelers will discover hidden gems that challenge their perception of this magical land.

Cuitzeo was designated a Pueblo Magico in 2006. This quaint village offers stunning natural beauty and boasts an intriguing history influenced by multiple cultures. And Mexico has countless adventure travel options to get your blood pumping. Some are available at the following hidden gem spots. 


Cuitzeo is an under-appreciated town in Mexico known for its stunning natural beauty and serene atmosphere. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, Cuitzeo boasts many trails for hikers to discover. Furthermore, this gem hosts both the Guadalupe Sanctuary and Camecuaro lake; offering hikers plenty of reasons to come exploring!

These charming streets of this charming town provide the ideal place for a leisurely stroll through its history. Admire its famous 16th-century Augustinian convent and its stunning architecture; take in some traditional Mexican handicrafts or cuisine; all this makes for one of Mexico’s best hidden treasures!

Sayulita in Nayarit, Mexico is another of Mexico’s hidden treasures – popular among surfers for its affordable accommodation options relative to all-inclusive resorts, this coastal town provides stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters for relaxing or just taking advantage of the sunshine, plus delicious Mexican and seafood cuisine! Sayulita also makes an excellent foodie destination.


Bacalar, Mexico is an unforgettable sight you must see to believe. Nestled just north of Belize border, this charming town is known for its otherworldly lagoon: La Laguna de los Siete Colores (Lagoon of Seven Colors). Here the water moves between milky white near shore to deep indigo at its core – an ethereal experience unlike anywhere else!

Spend your day swimming, snorkeling or diving – or take part in one of their kayak tours around the lagoon! It is a peaceful location perfect for relaxation.

Visit some of the area’s renowned cenotes – many are unique among underground caverns found in Tulum or Merida; instead they resemble giant open lakes with different depths and features.

Fuertes San Felipe is another must-see attraction of San Felipe town, an historic fort with stunning stonework encompassing a deep moat and ramparts, offering stunning views across the lagoon. When hunger strikes, try one of Mango y Chile’s local eateries like Mango y Chile that serves vegan Mexican fusion cuisine with overwater swings perfect for Instagram posts!


Mazunte, Mexico is one of its hidden treasures, offering beautiful beaches with relative untouched sands and still being an active fishing village – making it the ideal spot for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

Ola Verde Expeditions offers river hiking and whitewater rafting adventures on some of the wild rivers nearby, making this an excellent location to experience some of the region’s top vegetarian restaurants or yoga classes. Additionally, they can book an Ola Verde adventure involving river hiking or whitewater rafting with some incredible rivers nearby!

Accommodation options in Costa Rica span from hostels like ZOA Resort and Casa Pan de Miel to adult-only luxury hotels such as Cocolia Hotel; as well as cheap Airbnbs with sea views.


Jalisco coastal village San Vicente de Jalisco is one of its undiscovered gems and an idyllic retreat to reconnect with nature. Here, cozy local homestays and charming mom-and-pop eateries thrive without massive resorts or chain restaurants obtruding.

Yelapa offers stunning beaches with soft golden sand and clear turquoise waters that invite relaxation or snorkeling, providing access to some of the marine life of Bandera’s Bay. Additionally, unlike many of Mexico’s other famous beach towns, Yelapa doesn’t see overcrowding by tourists.

For easy access to Yelapa from Puerto Vallarta, one must first take the bus from Calle Constitucion until full, then hop a water taxi (one-way tickets cost 120 pesos). There are also companies offering all-inclusive trips starting in Puerto Vallarta that provide transport and accommodation services.