Big Buddha - Hong Kong

If you’re an adventurous traveler who loves a thrill and a burst of adrenaline it’s easy to overlook Hong Kong, a destination made famous for its shopping, nightlife and international flavor. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find a city teeming with activity and adventure. So whether you get your kicks hiking high above the city, floating on the waves or from anything that gets your heart racing, Hong Kong has you covered.


1. Water Sports

Surrounded by the South China Sea, it makes sense that Hong Kong has a huge range of water sports to get your heart pumping. Start small with some surfing or stand up paddle boarding, before heading over to Stanley Main Beach to dive feet first into some windsurfing. Still not exciting enough? Kite surfing is the ultimate Hong Kong water based experience combining a board, the waves and the wind. Expect some serious air and unlimited thrill! Get yourself out to Shui Hau Wan over on Lantau Island where you’ll find the home of Hong Kong kite surfing. Grab a lesson from the pro’s, rent some gear and experience it for yourself or just sit back and watch them fly.


2. Hike to the Big Buddha

Hong Kong is famous for being a true modern metropolis but with its surrounding natural beauty, the destination is often overlooked as a premium hiking destination. With so many forests and untamed beaches to explore it’s hard to know where to start, which makes a hike to the Big Buddha a perfect launching pad. Found near the beautiful Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, this 34 meter statue has stood watch over Hong Kong since 1993. Hiking is the best way to sight-see from a different angle and to take in sweeping panorama views at every step of the journey.


3. Escape Room Thrills

Among the incredible array of outdoor activities in Hong Kong, you might find room escape at Freeing HK to be the perfect adventure antidote to any rainy day. This 45-minute themed escape game puts you and your companions in a variety of customized rooms, your only job being to crack the clues and get out! The rooms are deigned with sophistication and each scenario involves players to imitate roles in movie stories. With themes and rooms like ‘Candy Wonderland’, ‘Silent Blood’ and ‘Prison’, and the option to play with any number of travelers – Freeing HK will bound to captivate every traveler.


4. Rollercoaster Rush at Ocean Park

Hong Kong Disneyland is famous but for a true adrenaline junkie there’s no better place than Ocean Park. Experience gravity defying drops and stomach churning turns in a modern and safe theme park to rival any in the world. With ride names like ‘Bumper Blaster’, ‘The Dragon’, ‘Hell Raiser’ and ‘The Abyss’ there is no doubt that this location is perfect for any adventurous traveler. Even better though, if you’re traveling with the family or younger companions you can enjoy the onsite restaurants, scenic cable cars and a massive range of animals and fish in the adjoining zoo and aquarium.


5. Bike Riding

The perfect activity for solo travelers or families, cycling around scenic Hong Kong is the ultimate outdoor adventure. Designated cycle tracks make it a safe experience and with numerous bike rental options you won’t break the bank. The 3-hour trip riding from Sha Tin to Tai Po along the waterfront is an experience not to be missed. You’ll start along the Shin Mun River, home of the world famous Dragon Boat Race festivals – an outdoor adventure so spine tingling it gives you yet another reason to come back, and make your way through a 16 kilometer visual experience towards Tai Po Waterfront Park. Indulge in one of the many restaurants in the area or climb the 32 meter lookout tower within the park – your two wheels can take you anywhere.
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