There comes a time when you have to take a hard decision, i.e., leaving your country and moving to another. It may be because of your work, family, or new opportunities. However, this decision is not only hard because of your emotional attachment, but there are also other factors, and the biggest one is “Shipment.” Check out this article on how to ship a container for a better insight. 

Suppose you are moving to Canada from the US, and you have to take care of the shipment process yourself. Many things must be considered while planning an international relocation, such as the necessity to conduct extensive study and preparation to ensure that your items or supplies reach your new home securely.

In this post, we have gathered information about the estimation of shipping cost, so let’s delve into it.

Immigrating to Canada

Importing and exporting goods takes time, consideration, and careful planning. It is significant to keep in mind any regional taxes and fees that may apply to a particular item before making an international transfer. There are various ways to ensure that your stuff arrives at your new home in Canada in one piece. And of course, there are a vast variety of transportation options available, making this a highly specialized industry.

You constantly remember that your international relocation saves you money, eliminates breakage and damage, and that your essentials arrive on time and in good condition.

Is shipping from the United States Expensive?

Moving to Canada can be more expensive than simply taking your stuff with you. Regardless of the country, you’re moving in, the cost of shipping your belongings depends on your chosen method.

FCL and LCL are the two methods available for transporting or shipping goods internationally.

LCL or Less than Container Load

It is the greatest option if you have little belongings, such as clothes, shoes, or other personal items, and you need to relocate them. When shipments are bundled together and shipped in one container, consolidation shipping is called.

Smaller things can be shipped swiftly, and the expense of relocating to Canada is shared with other shipments. It is a joint effort. Don’t ship fragile products via LCL because of the danger of damage. If the shipment arrives at a different port before yours and needs to be inspected or unloaded, the container will be opened. Because of this, you can anticipate experiencing some delays.

Full Container Load or FCL

If you are looking to export crucial or fragile items and a wide variety of unit goods, it is the best option. A shipping solution in which a container is exclusively used for a single shipment is FCL. Only one side shares the cost of the container. FCL is the way to go if you need to move delicate or heavy goods like furniture or if you want to be sure that your items are securely ensnared.

Ways to Account for Shipping Charges when Moving from the United States to Canada

The cost of moving your belongings from the United States to Canada depends on various factors. Shipping costs can be estimated using the following factors:

Size of Stuff

Shipping costs depend on the number of your belongings. The higher your overseas shipping costs are, the more stuff you can have. The cost of delivery is heavily influenced by your order’s total weight and size.

Distance & Season

Of course, the further you plan to go or relocate, the more expensive it will be. The best time to move is during the summer instead of the winter. Summer is a great time to cut costs and have more options for moving companies.


Additional services, such as packing or unpacking, might add to the cost of an international move. It can raise your international relocation costs by as much as $200.

The Mode of Transportation

The cost of moving also depends on the form of transportation you use. Compared to air freight, sea freight is more expensive, but it takes longer.


If you are considering moving to Canada from the US, the most important thing to consider is how much it will cost to ship your belongings there. With this information, you will be able to choose the best international moving company from the United States to Canada based on your budget.