We all know that travelling can be expensive. When we have bills to pay, mouths to feed and unexpected costs at every corner, it can be difficult to think about putting money away to travel. But it’s important to be good at saving, and travelling is a great thing to spend money on. Nothing beats seeing a new area of the world, making lifelong friends and learning about new cultures, and it’s worth living a little less luxuriously for. 

So, how can you save money to travel? 


Saving can be difficult if you don’t have a clear place to keep your money. So, you might want to consider opening an ISA. This is a great way for UK residents to save or invest up to £20,000 tax-efficiently each year and there are various types to choose from. If you’re not sure how to open an ISA, find out more. ISAs allow you to gain interest on your savings – so it’s a no brainer, really.  


Many people can earn a living from blogging, and this can be a nice little way to save money if you do it well. You might want to take a lot of pictures and document your travels once you’re there – so why not start early and develop your blog before you go? Any money you make from promoting products can be put straight towards your travels and you’ll enjoy developing your skills. Don’t take it lightly though. Starting a travel blog can be difficult and you’ll need to work hard to see those financial rewards.


It’s much easier to save money if you know exactly what you’re putting it away for. By thinking about your trip and planning all the exciting things you want to do, you’ll have a better incentive to save. So, work out your route and consider all the things you want to see. How much money will you need for that skydive in Thailand? Think about how amazing that activity will be, and saving will feel much less difficult. It’s all about self-discipline. It might help to sit down and talk your plans through with a friend or relative, too. They can help you budget your travels and set a realistic saving plan. 

Meal Prep

Most people generally spend more than they need to on food, especially if you’re a social butterfly who likes to have a lot of meals out. Even those who prefer to stay in can be easily swayed by the idea of a takeaway when they’ve got plenty of food in the fridge. So, try to save money by cooking at home more. Whilst meals out are great, they can be expensive – especially if you add starters, drinks and dessert. You can also save a great deal a week by taking in your own lunch to work. By being organised and doing meal preparation each week, you’ll notice how quickly you can save an extra twenty, thirty or forty pounds.