One of the most neglected spaces in the house is the kitchen. Where it should be given an equal weight while designing or decorating a house, the kitchen is left to fend for its own. The cooking counters and the utensils are the only things that decorate the room. Often painted with dull grays and other dull colors, there is hardly any motivation for the homemaker to go there and enjoy doing what she is doing.

So why not bring in some colors into the kitchen and show some gratitude for the person who gives you healthy and nourishing, tasty and sumptuous meals a day in and day out?

Seven colors of the rainbow touch upon seven and more areas of our life. Each color that you use in the kitchen affects the family. Here are some décor hacks and tips that you could easily use to bring in some color and brightness into a homemaker’s kitchen.

  • Violet

Violet, the color of purity and spirituality, brings compassion in life. And you can image the yummy meals you will get if the home maker is compassionate! All your odd demands will be met without a fuss. You can bring in violet into the kitchen with beautiful artificial silk trees or hanging silk plants. Add a touch of deep purple for a royal look to the kitchen and the house. Try it on a wall or a vase, some towel or pottery.

  • Indigo

Next in line is indigo, a beautiful blend between violet and blue. It again helps to bring some grandeur into the bland kitchen. It looks classy and chic. Try it out with the blinds or some mats on the countertop. You could even fix tiles with a touch of indigo in them.

  • Blue

If you want the homemaker to be calm and relaxed in the kitchen while cooking food, then you definitely have to add a touch of blue into it. Blue also helps to reduce stress and blood pressure. Place a vase or hang some pretty porcelain on the walls. Place a blue planter with some imitation bonsai trees.

  • Green

They say that wealth resides in the kitchen of the house. If the kitchen is clean and well organized, the family will never have any wealth problems. So, why not supplement the kitchen with the color of money, green? Keep a stick or two of fake bamboo trees or artificial coconut palm trees in a pretty vase or pot. See your kitchen come alive with this greenery. Green tiles are of the best colors to use in the tiles for the kitchen as well.

Green towels will also help to motivate the person to cook well with enthusiasm. Green in the kitchen has the same concept used in hospitals. It is for health and healing. Your kitchen surely needs a dash of green.

  • Yellow

Pep up the mood of everyone who enters the kitchen with shades of yellow. A large sunflower hanging on one of the walls, yellow tiles, drapes, door mats will bring in the much-needed energy and life into the kitchen. You can see the transformation from a dull and drab place into a space of brightness and energy.

  • Orange

Bring in confidence and joy into the family with the color orange. Orange tiles on the walls are great for a drab kitchen to turn into a chirpy place. Some knobs on the cabinets, a couple of electric appliances, and some orange silk fall leave hanging here and there will bring in laughter and joy into the kitchen area and subsequently into the kitchen. Try keeping a couple of orange baskets for storage as well.

  • Red

Red, the strong and bold color, is enough to brighten up the place on its own. Use less of it in the kitchen, but definitely try it near the cooking area. You could get a red panel cooking range or simply tie the drapes with red ribbons and flowers for that look. You could also use it in a vase with any red artificial foliage.

Some more tips for decors in the kitchen:

  • Use lighter shades of blue, green, and white to make the kitchen look more spacious and open.
  • Avoid dark shades as they shrink the space.
  • Infuse shades of white and off-white make the kitchen look neat and clean.
  • Use lighter shades of panels on the storage cabinets and cupboards. Pep them up with contrasting and bright knobs and handles.
  • Avoid dark shades like grays, browns, and blacks.
  • Light up the kitchen with sufficient lights in pretty and colorful lampshades or holders.
  • Have a colorful window and door frame in contrasting colors.
  • Fix floral or patterned tiles on the floor. These will bring in lots of color and brightness into a dull room.
  • Place a high stool with a colorful seat to rest on while cooking.
  • Hang some photo frames with colorful borders.
  • Place a colored candle or two in candle stands.
  • Hang artificial vines or vegetables in multicolor.
  • Go in for a darker ceiling to give height to it.
  • Try out a colorful back wall inside shelves and cabinets.
  • Paste some colorful and bright wallpaper.
  • Line the shelves with colored paper.

Make it a point to place some ceramic pots with artificial foliage in them. These are colorful fire retardant, and long-lasting. You have to simply clean them with a wet cloth or rinse them under the tap. These plants won’t add dirt to your beautiful kitchen as they don’t shed leaves or wither away. There is no need to water them or add manure supplements too.

Try out these simple décor hacks and tips. See the glow on the face of the homemaker and in turn, place your demands for special meals at odd times without any complaints.