Inside Tips For A Trip To Pisa

If you’re planning on visiting Pisa, and you really should because it’s amazing, then it’s good to get the lowdown from the pros before you go.

With some simple tricks and tips your trip can go from great to good very easily indeed. I used these on my second trip to the city and I discovered much more than my first visit, I was quite amazed by how a simple checklist could help me out so much.

Before we get to the tips, remember that you need to find a great place to stay. There are plenty of options in Pisa and something to suit every budget/type of traveller. I would always recommend doing an extensive search online, here you can find an accommodation in Pisa easily.

Once you’re booked up and got the flights sorted, print off this great tip and trick sheet:

  • The leaning tower of Pisa is amazing, but it’s just one of the great sights in the city. It depends on your taste but there are lots of other great sights to see in the same square.
  • The Pisa Cathedral is definitely the most impressive and ornate cathedral in the whole of Italy. Some might find that to be a little controversial, but for me it beats the impressive Duomo Cathedral in Florence.
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you when you’re out and about. It doesn’t matter if you drink it all because you can just refill it at any of the water fountains.
  • If you want the best view of the cathedral and take some great pics, head to the Baptistry. There’s a little whole in the window there, it’s enough to put your camera through and take a great snap.
  • 100% take one of the touristy photos of you pretending to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa.
  • If you’re looking to get in to the cathedral you will need to have a ticket. The tickets are on sale just across the road – I think it’s a much better idea to just book your tickets online to save money, time and hassle.
  • There are always queues to climb to the top of the tower, so leave yourself enough time to queue and get to the top. You certainly down’t want to be rushing around.

If you’ve been to Pisa then please do let us know what you thought of the city and also what other tips you’d add to the list!