The main destination of Ukraine in the summer time is the Black Sea shore. You may find information about the famous beaches on or other web sources. However, if you are tired of crowded beaches and pricey services, you should pay your attention to the following places that can boast of the magnificent landscapes, silence and clear water.

Blue Lakes in the Oleshnia Village. Chernihiv Region

The visitors of this destination will discover the purest water and a pinewood coolness. There are four lakes with the largest one of 25 hectares. They were formed in the place of the former quarries where the quartz sand was extracted. The lakes are located in the coniferous forest. Due to this fact, the air is considered curative. The destination is not wild anymore: the tourists may stay here not only in the tents but also in the small houses nearby.

Vita Lake in the Nyzhnii Studenyi Village. Zakarpattia Region

This destination is the place in the Carpathians where it is allowed to bathe. The lake is located on the territory of the Nyzhnii Studenyi recreation facility at the height of 800 m above sea level. This height is considered ideal for health. The lake is deep –up to 15 meters. In addition to the lake, two magnificent pools are available for adults and children. The beach is made of a good quality sand. All this beauty is surrounded by the wood. The destination is not far from the civilization – 2 km to the nearest village.

Bile Lake near the Rudka Village. Rivne Region

This lake is called the lake of youth because the water contains a lot of glycerin making a skin very soft after bathing. In the old days, the water from Bile Lake was delivered in barrels by rail to Poland. Nowadays, the water in the lake is very pure. One can see the sandy bottom on the depth of two meters. Several boarding houses and recreation facilities are constructed on the shore. If you prefer camping, you may stay in a tent on the shore of the lake. The infrastructure of Bile Lake offers the restaurants, disco-clubs and a rental of boats and catamarans.

Bakoty Gulf near Kamianets-Podilskyi. Khmelnytskyi Region

The destination attracts with a special microclimate, beautiful rocky coast, and curative mineral sources. Bakoty Gulf is a sunny place with practically no wind because of the rocks surrounding the area. The highest rock is named Bila (White). Its height is 120 meters! In the times of Kievan Rus, a monastery was constructed on this rock. Nowadays, you will discover various mineral sources nearby. There are curative for the people with infertility issues, problems with sight, and heart issues.

Biriuchyi Island on the Sea of Azov. Kherson Region

Biriuchyi Island is located at the end of the Fedotova Foreland, which divides the Sea of Azov and Utlyuks’kyi Estuary. This destination is not widely known among the tourists that make its long beaches deserted. Biriuchyi Island is a great place to rest in silence and for kite surfing. The Azov-Syvash National Natural Park is located nearby, and the antelope and deer are the frequent quests of this area.