Wherever you go on vacation, one of the most enjoyable activities you can do is seek out famous movie locations. Depending on where you go, there might be many such locations to seek out.

If you go to Boston, you will be in for a treat. Many famous movie moments were filmed in and around the city, and here are some of the best that you can check out when you stay here.

MIT (Good Will Hunting)

‘Good Will Hunting’ was one of the big hits of 1997. The Oscar-winning screenplay was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, both of whom are from Boston. During the movie, Damon’s character, the math genius, works in MIT as a janitor. If you like the movie, take a trip to MIT during your stay in Boston and see the setting where it was filmed for yourself.

Boston’s Public Garden (Various)

Also, check out the Robin William’s Memorial Bench. This is the bench that the actor sat on in Boston’s Public Garden with Matt Damon. After the actor’s death, it turned into a memorial for him.

A scene from the movie ‘Ted’ was also filmed here. The movie, starring Mark Wahlberg, was a hit in 2012, and you can see various scenes filmed in the park during a stroll here. Another scene from the movie takes place in the New England Aquarium, which is worth a visit for being one of the city’s best attractions.

Salem (Hocus Pocus)

‘Hocus Pocus,’ as with all things related to Salem, focused on witches. In the movie, a coven of witches is based in Salem in the modern day, and lots of outdoor shots were filmed in the town.

Salem is worth visiting for many reasons. It’s an important historic setting due to the famous Witch Trials that took place here, and it’s also got lots of interesting things to see. But the fact you might also recognize it from the movies is another great reason to take a day trip here.

Massachusetts State House (The Departed)

‘The Departed’ is a true classic of cinema. This excellent crime movie was set in Boston, and as such you might recognize numerous scenes from the movie during your time in the city.

One that you will want to check out is the Massachusetts State House, where lots of scenes were filmed. It’s easy to visit when you stay somewhere like the Quincy MA Marriott, a short drive away.

Charlestown (The Town)

Another movie set in Boston was ‘The Town’ starring Ben Affleck. It is set in the neighborhood of Charlestown, one of Boston’s oldest areas, which is home to a team of bank robbers. Walk around here during your time in Boston to see numerous locations from the movie, including the Bunker Hill Monument.

Beacon Hill (The Thomas Crown Affair)

The upper-market area of Boston is a great place to take a walk, and it has featured in numerous movies. You might recognize it from ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ (the original from 1968, not the remake), and you will find it near to the Public Garden.

See the Famous Areas of Boston

If you’re a movie buff, or you are just a fan of any of the above movies, you’ll love checking out the above locations. So make sure you give yourself a half day or so to seek out your favorite movie locations in Boston during your time here, and make your stay even more special.