Contact lenses are an amazing aid for anyone who needs that little bit of help with their vision and there are more and more people who are turning to lenses over glasses. Wearing contacts however does come with its challenges and anyone who uses them will tell you stories of running out, falling asleep with them in and the cost of the lenses themselves.

One of the most difficult challenges for anyone using contact lenses is travel and if you plan on going away traveling, you need to be smart in terms of how you go about using and buying your contact lenses.


If you are to run out of contact lenses, you can guarantee that it will happen when you are nowhere near a place to buy them and so you really need to plan well. I like to buy contact lenses online from who always have great offers on and have great options for bulk buying, perfect if you’re heading away traveling for a while.

Daily Disposables

If you take daily disposable contact lenses with you then this will mean that you don’t have to worry about taking solutions with you or picking up solutions on the road. Whilst you pay that little bit extra for daily disposables, they are well worth taking with you.


Although you will be altering your hours and your locations, it is important that you try your best to stick to the eye care routine which you have in your normal day-to-day life. When you alter your routine and pick up poor eye care habits, you can actually cause more damage to your eyes.


It may be tempting to put your contact lens solution into smaller bottles to make things easier as you go through airport security but this is not recommended. When you transfer the fluid from one bottle to another it can be contaminated which will then end up in your eyes. The best idea is to buy the smaller bottle of solution which fits into the requirements set forward by the TSA. You can always pick up contact lens solution as you travel from airport to airport and of course, taking daily disposables will remove the need for solution altogether.

Taking Them Out

You should always take a pair of glasses with you when you go traveling because there are many instances when you need to rest your eyes from using contacts. When you are on the plane for example, you really shouldn’t wear your contacts as your eyes will become very dry from the air conditioning. Equally, you should take out your contacts when swimming to reduce the risk of infections.

The way in which you use your contacts when you travel will of course change from how you usually wear them but it is still important to keep some kind of routine. If you notice that your eyes are red or your vision is blurry, it is time to switch to glasses for a brief time.