Baby Gorilla

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Happy new year everyone! I spent the last days of 2012 and the New Year’s holiday in San Diego, CA. This week’s photo was shot during my visit to the Zoo’s Safari Park (separate from the regular San Diego Zoo). This baby Gorilla’s name is Monroe and he was born on June 17, 2011.

The gorillas at this Zoo are from the subspecies Western lowland gorillas. They are notoriously hard to see doing anything after the early morning hours. I lucked out, as it was a cold and rainy day which apparently makes the majority of the animals in the park more active. Upon first arriving at the Gorilla’s enclosure only a large male and two females could be seen. Out of nowhere this baby came climbing up a wall and to to everyone’s pleasure he proceeded to run around, carefully say hi to the large male and then began a cuddling session with his mother.

Be sure to check back soon – I have many more great photos from the zoo’s and the trip coming!