Booking a hotel is usually the first task when it comes to planning and booking a vacation. However, it is not always the most resourceful way when it comes to getting the best value for your money. Every penny counts when it comes to making the most of your vacation time. While sometimes you don’t spend a lot of time inside the room; you may want to when you book a timeshare within a five star resort with luxurious amenities. Renting a timeshare can be a sensible option when it comes to experiencing a vacation of a lifetime. The advantages that come with renting a timeshare are insurmountable.

Having more space and privacy for families is always a plus. Most locations provide a kitchen with all necessities to cook. If you aren’t looking to eat out for every meal, or have stricter than ordinary dietary concerns this can be a great solution. Take advantage of your personal refrigerator and oven to cook meals and prepare snacks. Relax in the living area, just like you do at home. Kick back and relax with the television, or bring a book to cozy up on the couch with. Multiple bedrooms will allow for everyone to place their belongings out of the way and to sleep comfortably each night.

Timeshare rental

Most timeshare rentals are located inside a high class, highly rated resort. This allows you to reap the benefits of the many resort provided amenities – all while paying a lower cost than most people would pay per night. Enjoy swimming pools, gyms, and on site restaurants; just like you would with a hotel.

With hotels, the prices are set – and sometimes, they are raised without notice if you don’t act quickly. Being able to negotiate a price for your timeshare is an advantage to those looking for a deal. Typically, a deal can be made rapidly, to allow you to plan the other aspects of your vacation.

Finding a timeshare within your desired location is a breeze. Many owners of timeshares love to rent their places out during all seasons. Many times, timeshare owners want others to be able to make use of their place, rather than it sit empty, lonely, and unused.


Best of all, the process is easy. First, you will need to find a place to vacation – not hard to do! Find a timeshare in your desired location and price by searching a timeshare website that has rentals, such as You will see a plethora of timeshares that are available to rent. Find one that suits you and your loved ones best. All that is left to do is to make an offer to the owner. You will be emailed as soon as the owner has reviewed your terms. The owner has the ability to accept, deny or counter the offer depending upon their estimated timeshare value and desire to strike a deal. Once an agreement has been made, the owner will give forth terms to sign and how payment will be made. That is all the work you need to do! The owner will let the resort know of your name and stay information so you can check in with ease.

A great additional convenience, is that you don’t have to feel pressured to book straight away! An excellent feature allows for you to set up email alerts. You can specify your desired location and price, and will be notified if a rental pops up for your dates. From that email, you can make an offer to the owner for acceptance. This will give you time and flexibility in your planning.

Lastly, let your mind be at ease knowing you received a great deal, an excellent stay, and a vacation of a lifetime. You may soon find yourself staying at timeshares more often than hotels with every trip you take.