Dolphin - Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Bay Islands – Honduras

Today is a good day. I’m on a tiny island in the Caribbean off the Honduran coast called Roatan and checking another item off my bucket list – scuba diving with dolphins! Since falling head-over-heels in love with scuba diving in Belize I couldn’t help but get back in, and under the water as soon as possible.

There’s only one place in Roatan that offers the ability to go scuba diving with dolphins and it’s at Anthony’s Key Resort. The dolphins are considered ‘wild’ and for the most part it appears they’re treated very well, despite being semi-trained and studied by the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences.


Getting Formalities Out of the Way

Before we could get underwater there was a brief safety meeting, and we were boated off to the pens to interact with the dolphins. The staff feeds them fish as they do tricks, and introduce you to the characters you’ll will be diving with; pretty standard affair here.

Anthonys Key Boat

Dolphin Pen


What!? I’m Underwater with Dolphins!?

Finally, a quick boat ride and we’re submerging underwater. The dive takes place 60 feet below the surface on the sandy sea floor, in the open ocean. After  few minutes of waiting in great child-like anticipation the silhouette of dolphins appeared before us. The dive guide gives signals as the dolphins come by and perform tricks around the group. They even pause on the bottom to let everyone pet them. This is one incredible dive! The dolphins come and go throughout the 45 minutes and everyone surfaces with a giant grin 🙂

Diving with dolphins was more than enough to make the entire trip memorable and worthwhile.

Dolphin Underwater

Dolphin Trick

Scuba Diving with Dolphins


Roatan Dolphins

Roatan Scuba Diving


Wait, There’s a Video Too!?

Wondering what it might be like to have dolphins swimming around you so close you can reach out and touch.. while 60 feet underwater? Check out the video and find out!


  • Dive Time: 45 minutes
  • Dive Price: $141.00 per person
  • Website:

  • Pay attention to the briefing about diving etiquette – dolphins are amazing creatures, remember to respect them and handle gently while enjoying your interaction.