I love the feeling of moving to a new city; I work online so I have quite amount of freedom to be able to do that, I guess you could call it one of the perks of making a living online. One of the disadvantages of working online is that you’re not in an office so therefore you have to make a real effort to meet new people. It goes without saying that when you get to a new city where you don’t know anyone you have to go put yourself out there to meet new people.

The last time I moved city without knowing anyone was when I moved to Paris. It was exciting and really worthwhile, one of the best decisions I ever made! One thing I should quickly share is that if you’re moving to a new city with no friends, you really need to plan and use as many resources as possible – my great tip is to use a company like Nestpick who will find you amazing apartments in Paris, they really were a lifesaver for me.

Here’s how to get everything going in a new city:

Say Yes

You need one, if not all, of the following in a new city; friends, a best friend, bf/gf, and a job. We all know that you will not find any of these by sitting at home watching Netflix and ordering delivery. So put yourself out there and accept every single invite that comes your way – say yes to everything!

Join Grous

This could be anything from volunteering to joining a local football side. Maybe you haven’t done it before but it’s time to become a joiner. A great idea is to try something that you haven’t done before. If you’re new to it, you’re a beginner and you’ll join other beginners – everyone is in the same boat, feels a little awkward and a great way to break the ice and make new friends.

Ask To Be Set Up

Contact everyone you know and make them aware that you’ll be heading to a new city, see if they know anyone there who that can put you in touch with. Ask to be set up on friend dates or even better real dates. If you put up a post on FB about your move I am sure that several people will link you up with people in your new city.