Deciding to go on holiday with the sanetraveller takes a lot of preparation whether you’re going on a short adventure or a long expedition. Although many of the preparations are the same, there are a few key differences in how short-term and long-term travelers approach those preparations. So, if you have a particular destination in mind, short or long stay, here are some key things to consider.

1. Planning Ahead

When planning a short vacation there is much less preparation needed. The biggest worry for short-term travelers is remembering to pack the essentials and making sure their luggage meets airline requirements. But those planning long-term trips have more things to consider. They have to map their course if there are multiple destinations, manage accommodations, budget each leg of the journey, obtain visas and more. 

2. Housing

If you’re taking a short trip, you most likely won’t need to worry about what happens when you return home. You won’t need to sublet your apartment or make special arrangements with a real estate agent. Long-term travelers often have to figure out what to do with their current home. Selling a home or valuables are also realistic options for financing a long journey.

3. Saving

Just about any vacation requires some sort of money-saving plan. But short-term trips may not require as extreme strategy savings plans as longer trips. Generally, at least a year’s worth of saving is in order for a long-term trip, and sometimes even more. Although we may plan short travels a year in advance to give ourselves time to pay for it. And spending money doesn’t have to be managed to a tee when planning a short trip.

4. Medical Precautions

When you plan long vacations and you take medications, you have to consider how you are going to access your prescriptions. Certain medications may not be available on your travels, but if you are going on a week-long stay, you probably won’t need to consider your meds.

5. Career Plans

If you’re going to be gone a while, putting in for vacation time isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need to make arrangements with your employer or sever ties with them if you don’t have the type of job that lets you work from anywhere. Perhaps you’ll need to seek wages while you are abroad.

6. Budgeting

No trip, short or long will work without budgeting. Longer trips need more careful budgeting. Less budgeting will be needed if you are able to earn wages while you’re traveling, but paying attention to your finances can make or break an excellent adventure.

Any good travel plan needs a lot of attention to detail, but when you want to enjoy an extended stay, you’ve got to take a slightly different approach. There are a few more considerations to make to ensure that your adventures won’t have to end earlier than expected. But whether you’re going to be gone for a little or a long while,