When you travel all the way to Canada (assuming you don’t live there) for a ski trip, it isn’t like some short commuting journey. For most people, going to Canada is a long trip that takes a lot of effort to get there. When you arrive, you want to be sure to squeeze every last bit of fun out of the experience. In order to do just that, follow this handy guide for getting the maximum enjoyment out of a ski holiday and search for cheap vacation packages online

1. Bring Your Own Gear

Though it may be tempting to save money on airline fees for bringing your own gear on the plane, it would be a big mistake to leave it at home. You are going on the ski trip of a lifetime, so you want to do everything possible to ensure you ski at your best. This means using your own gear. Rental gear will never be able to make you feel as comfortable as your own kit, and it certainly won’t allow you to ski as well. Pay that little extra to bring your own ski gear with you on the plane. It is well worth it.

2. Take It Easy on the Alcohol

Canadians love to party with strangers. They are a very welcoming people, and it can be hard to turn them down. While it will be a blast to party the night away, it is not what you are there for. Try to abstain from alcohol as much as possible while there so you can ski at your best during the early mornings when the powder is at its freshest.

3. Go with a Group

If it is at all possible, try to get a group of friends or family to come along for the trip. Being able to share the experience with others will make it that much more enjoyable. Not only that, but going with a group will allow you to negotiate a better rate at the resort. And it’s more fun! You can find great group deals based in the UK who specialize in ski trips.

4. Don’t Make It the First Ski Holiday of the Year

It is a big mistake to make the first ski holiday of the year an epic trip to Canada. If you have never been there, it is something that you have to experience to appreciate it. The steepness of the runs and the thickness of the powder are staggering. You don’t want to waste the first few days of the trip knocking off the rust from the off-season. Try to get to France for a ski weekend before you head to Canada. The best possible scenario is to head on a Canada ski holiday after you have an entire season skiing in Europe under your belt. This way you will have your skills at their peak, so you can absolutely rip down the fresh powder slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

5. Ski without Fear

You can afford to take more chances on a ski holiday in Canada than you can in some other regions. The astoundingly deep layer of powder makes falling in the Rockies a much less risky proposition that it would be in somewhere else, for instance Europe. Take advantage of this by pushing yourself to ski steeper and faster than ever before.