After years of dreaming about it, 12 months of saving and sacrificing for it, the time is finally here.

I’m escaping the normal American lifestyle and moving abroad on June 11, 2013.


Happiness in Belize

I chose the word moving rather than traveling because I have no immediate plans of returning to life in the States. Unlike many RTW or long-haul travelers I don’t have a set itinerary, return date, or budget. Instead, I simply booked a 1-way ticket out of the country and plan to travel around from place to place at my leisure – while I continue to work and make money over the internet. I do however have some limitations – to work I need a decent, reliable internet connection and in many places this will be challenging if available at all, and I’ll have to work my travels around it. If I lost my monthly income plans would have to change, but for now I intend to keep my monthly expenses at or below my income and not use my savings unless necessary.

First Stop: The overdue return to Belize

If you’ve been following this blog, my tweets or Facebook page you know by now that I have a love affair with Belize. It was my first big trip abroad and it changed my life forever. The first destination on my new life abroad is Belize and we’ll spend 3 weeks here returning to familiar and new parts of the country for scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle adventures, beach relaxation and all around bliss.

TripAdvisor named Ambergris Caye the Travelers’ Choice #1 island in the world for 2013 and we’re headed there the minute we get off the plane. Other destinations in the country include Caye Caulker, some small towns on the mainland before heading to the Southern end of Belize’s coast to Placencia; where I hope to check off a big one on my bucket list – diving with whale sharks.

July: Sunny Mexico

Leaving Belize we’ll head North to Mexico, where I’ll be renting a furnished apartment for the entire month of July – located on the beach in Playa Del Carmen. This city is not only beautiful but is also a perfect location for short day and weekend trips to surrounding attractions like cenotes, ruins and beaches. Waking up every morning with a beach view is something I can’t wait for!

August and beyond?

July is as far as my plans have come so far. I might stay put in Playa for a few months or head up to Cancun. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the rest of Central America and a bus tour from Mexico all the way through to Panama is a big possibility. If a great deal on a Caribbean island or a flight to Asia pops up I might jump on those too. Balancing a new life of constant travel with work is going to take some adjustments, especially for someone that’s never spent more than 10 days at time outside his home country.

Stay tuned and read along as we head out on a new chapter of my life 🙂