Nepal is a top destination for tourists, each year around a million tourists visit this magical country. The majority of those people come for the mountains and the trekking. As demand increased more less traveled trails became popular with trekkers looking for new adventures, one of those is the Manaslu Circuit Trek – its easily one of the best and most beautiful you can do.

The region is quite unknown, so here are some good things to know before you go.

Why Its Known As Manaslu Circuit Trek

When you do Everest or Annapurna base camps, you finish your trek at the base camp and then return back to where you started. Manaslu is different. Here the base camp trek is better know as the Manaslu Circuit Trek, because the base camp is not your destination, it is just one part of the trip. The circuit does a loop and your starting and finishing points will be different.

Manaslu’s Scary Nickname

Locals have given Manaslu the nickname of Killer Mountain, this is due to the fact over 60 people have died on it. It is the eighth highest mountain in the world, whilst not being as well known as Everest or Annapurna, it can prove to be challenging because of the extreme weather.

Don’t Travel Alone

The circuit is not a popular tourist route and there won’t be many people on the trek, so I would always advise that you never travel alone – in fact it is illegal to go by yourself. It is always a good idea to take a guide with you because you will learn more, follow the trail and also be able to interact with locals. Our guide was absolutely fantastic and I know for sure that without him my group wouldn’t have had such a memorable experience – don’t try to save money by not hiring a guide because your trip won’t be as good!

Book Before You Go

If you’re planning on a trek in Nepal then the Manaslu Circuit trek is the most appealing. Unlike the other famous base camps I have already mentioned, you will not find crowds of people here. That is simply because the others are more well known and heavily advertised across the world. Due to this there aren’t loads of tea houses or lodging options around the place, so make sure you book your trek before you go. This gives you the chance to look online, read reviews and secure the best price.