Traveling the world has never been easier, or more desirable. And with the emergence of the trend for ‘digital nomads’ and extended backpacking trips, many of us, even families, are staying and working on the road for months or even years at a time.

Naturally that can make things difficult around celebrations like Christmas and Thanksgiving, when friends and family do like to get together. Sure you speak to someone on the phone or make a video-call, but it’s not the same as having them there with you, is it?


Experiences as Gifts for Avid Travelers

The question of what gift to get someone can be difficult to answer, but thank fully there are companies like thatsweetgift.com ready to help out!. And if they’re traveling long term you, and they, might not know where they’re going to be from one week to the next, so arranging a delivery is difficult. Plus if they’re anything like me, they’ll probably have limited space in their backpack to carry something around, so if you want to send a physical gift then it needs to be light and compact, limiting your options somewhat.

Which leads to Tinggly, a fantastically unique gift-giving service which is perfect for long term travelers or anyone you know will be heading on a vacation shortly. It’s a really simple system to use – you choose and pay for one of several different gift packages, either Essential, Premium or Ultimate, and Tinggly then sends the recipient an e-voucher which they can redeem for a memorable experience of their choice, anywhere in the world.


Experiences As Gifts

After a browse through the Tinggly collection you can find dozens that just about anyone would love to try, things like cage-diving with sharks in South Africa, learning to tango in Buenos Aires, scuba diving between continental shelves in Iceland and visiting castles in Germany – real bucket list stuff. There is something for everyone here I think, foodies, beach bums, culture vultures or adrenaline-junkies with literally hundreds of experiences available.

I think this is the ideal gift idea for friends and loved ones traveling the world because they can choose what they want to do, in whichever country they’re planning to visit. And because they have up to two years to redeem each voucher, they can have a lot of fun just reading through the collection and making a decision with no urgency. You get to send someone a really thoughtful present – the Tinggly tagline is “giving the gift of choice” – and they get to either do something that perfectly accords with their passions, or maybe something they’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity before.

Tinggly’s Experiences Map lets you browse any country (or the whole world) for ideas and activities that are available. This come in handy in many ways. If you’re looking for a gift and you know someone that’s vacationing in Thailand in a couple months, you can browse what they have in Thailand specifically, pick an experience you know they’ll love, and find out which experience level to purchase for them. Similarly, if you know someone will backpacking across Europe you can buy a Tinggly Experience for them knowing they will be able to select any activity they want at a time that fits their choosing. How convenient and cool is that!?

Next time you need to get something for a friend on the road, or someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I think this is going to be the perfect solution!