Put together by our diligent team of expert trekking, hiking and walking Silver Travel Advisors, here are some of our best tips on all you should know in order to be fully prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

Due to the fact that all our readers recognize us as the Silver Tripadvisor, here is information that you can use to make sure you come prepared for an outdoor trip.

  • Prepare By Buying Your Boots In Advance

It is always advisable to invest in ½ a size larger than normal. This is because your feet can swell due to heat, your age or from the flights you take. A nice shoe such as these Earth Shoes could be a wise choice. No matter what you decide on just make sure you wear them all the time so that they are comfortable and worn in.

  • Practice Going Al Fresco Or Using Your She-Wee

If your very first outdoor wee happens to be under a tree or behind a bush, you may panic and mess on your shorts, your socks or your boots which may cause an embarrassment. Practice in your garden in a out of view spot such as behind your potting shed.

  • Pack Light

For outdoor adventures none of your clothing should require ironing. Roll up your clothing items and make sure to include essentials such as two pairs of comfortable socks for each day, a pen and a notebook to jot down your thoughts or adventures for the day. Other important items will include fleece, a head-torch and copies of your insurance, visas and passports.

  • Plasters

This is an absolute essential and even if you won’t need them, you will always have enough to trade off items with a fellow blistered trekker. This is one of the essential items that you should pack in abundance.

  • Avoid Getting Drunk

Drinking in excess the night before and then trying to hike or walk for many miles the following day is regarded as a combination that is fatal. Mountain hikes and gin are very poor bedfellows. Going to bed early with the assistance of a Nurofen is the ideal answer.

  • Poles Are A Great Help

Using poles may not seem very elegant or fashionable, but are the ideal solution for shorter legs or aching hips. You can practice using your poles by going up and down one of your local high streets so that you know how to use them for your next outdoor adventure.

  • Platypus Hydration System

Make sure that you are drink water and lots of it. You will soon become accustomed to the chlorine taste or you can also choose to make use of a neutralizer in your water. It is important that you ensure you are well hydrated when outdoors.

  • People

The majority of people on a hiking trip will be nice, but there is usually always one person that you will want to avoid. Try telling the most dull and boring stories you know. There may also be a “racer” that will be in the lead and is usually one of those competitive bores. If this is the case stay close to the back and walk slowly. In this way you can really enjoy the surrounding scenery and a relaxed chat with someone who shares the same ideas that you have.

  • Prevention

Keep a close eye on signs associated with dehydration, red ears and a flushed face. If you see any of these signs pour some water over the victim and wrap a wet scarf around their neck. When outdoors wearing a hat is an absolute must. You may want to choose one of the leather types with a breathable mesh.

  • Pause And Reflect

Make sure you take the time to enjoy the peace, the views and the relaxing feeling of getting out of the city. Treasure these special moments so that you can look back on your trip with fond memories.

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