Those who travel by train say that the railway station they arrive at can tell much about the city. It’s often called the “face” of the city. The buildings of many train stations are real architecture masterpieces that enchant tourists at first sight. There is something romantic about these buildings where some part and some meet, but everyone experiences true emotions. Even if you prefer planes to trains, include the following railway stations on your list of must-see city attractions.

Antwerp Central (Antwerpen Centraal)

The pearl of Belgium, Antwerpen Centraal is one of the most splendid train stations in Europe. You can easily miss your train examining the vast dome, the magnificent arched ceiling, and the gorgeous stairs. This railway station is deservedly called the railway cathedral. Today, trains departing from this station can take you to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Antwerp Central is a real haven for travel girls who are jewelry lovers – there are about 30 jewelry stores.

St Pancras Railway Station in London

This railway station fully reflects the austerity and conservatism of Britons. The splendid building captivates the spectators with its Victorian architecture, so no wonder we added it to the list. It’s amazing to watch modern high-speed trains depart from this old building. The beauty and magnificence of St Pancras station are the merit of the engineer William Henry Barlow who designed it. Its distinguishing feature is the large iron roof that was delivered here by train more than 150 years ago.

Berlin Central Train Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof)

The state-of-the-art station is a true wonder of contemporary architecture. Guys behind prime dating definitely recommend it. It has become not only a symbol of the connecting tracks and trains but also the citizens of Berlin. The central railway station was built by a hundred of workers from 30 different countries. The amount of concrete and steel used for the construction would suffice for 65 km of a high-speed line. However, you won’t feel trapped in the dark. There is much space, light, and freedom. The glass construction of the whole station lets the rays in so that even the lower parts of the hall are light.

Helsinki Central Railway Station

Planning your trip with a ru bride to Finland, add Helsinki railway station to your itinerary. This building beautifully combines the features of romanticism and functionalism and is a true landmark of the Finnish architecture. The terminus is clad with granite and decorated with various statues. Two pairs of giant statues holding spherical lamps meet passengers at the main entrance. These statues are allegedly an unofficial symbol of the city and are often parodied. Also, there is a nice clock tower. The interior of the station somehow resembles a Lutheran church. The eastern wall of the restaurant hall is decorated with Eero Järnefelt’s painting of Pielisjarvi Lake – one of the most beautiful places in Finland.

Limoges Benedictins Train Station (Limoges-Bénédictins)

Of course, the list would be incomplete without Gare de Limoges-Bénédictins. This railway station in Limoges will sweep you off your feet with its grandeur and splendor. Its construction began in the 1850s. Previously, there was a Benedictine monastery on this site – hence the name. The station is built over the lines, not next to them. The inside part of the dome features four allegoric sculptures that symbolize four regions: Limousin, Brittany, Gascony, and Touraine. Art-Deco stained glass windows by Francis Chigot are the most prominent attraction of the station that adds a special charm to its atmosphere.