If you are looking to make a purchase that will protect your investment in your vehicle, a car cover is one of the best ways to keep it looking pristine while protecting it from the elements. Many first-time purchasers wonder exactly which material to invest in, though, and it’s important to consider your car’s storage situation before you decide on the best car cover material for your purchase.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use
The first and most important thing to learn is the difference between indoor and outdoor car cover materials. If you store a vehicle indoors with an outdoor cover, you’ll be fine, because the environment will be less rigorous than the product is designed for. If, however, you use indoor covers in an outdoor storage situation, it could lead to insufficient protection from the elements.

Indoor Materials
Indoor car cover materials are typically designed to protect from dust and debris in the environment, and to serve as a defense against scratches if the car accidentally gets dinged. They are typically not designed to be water-resistant. Materials include:

  • Plushweave Cotton Flannel
  • California Customweave
  • Dustop Car Covers
  • ViewShield See Through

Outdoor Materials
Outdoor materials are designed to protect you from the elements whether it is warm or cold. They are also built to protect against dings and other incidental contact, and that means they can both discourage corrosion and provide a front line of defense against accidental damages. Popular outdoor luxury car covers are made from materials like these:

  • Superweave
  • Superweave Premium
  • Noah

Your Resource for Luxury Car Covers
If you are looking for car covers in these top materials, you need to check out the offerings available at the California Car Cover Co. They provide a wide selection of car covers for various makes and models, as well as advice about your best choices for protection given your storage situation. The website even makes it easy to contact the company with questions.