How can professionals combine their love for travel and passion for work? Well, the Eb 1 visa offers an extraordinary opportunity to relocate to the USA. As a foreign national, this visa offers you permanent residency, allowing you to stay permanently in the US. Find more information by clicking here.  Here are three major ways this visa can transform your professional trajectory.

Explore Unlimited Research Opportunities

There are unlimited opportunities available for exceptional researchers, internationally recognized for their academic achievements in their respective fields. This visa provides you the remarkable professor, with an opportunity to further your research interests. You can collaborate with the best researchers and work at first-class institutions.

This visa offers you first preference immigration which is employment-based. To qualify, you must have a three-year teaching or research experience in the academic area. Your petition application and accompanying documentation must distinctively prove that you meet the visa criteria.

You must have received a permanent job offer and possess a letter to that effect from your U.S. employer. Out of the six criteria provided in the visa application, you must meet at least two.

Eb 1 Visa Offers a Heightened Experience

Managers or top executives of foreign multinational companies can also make use of this visa to enhance their experience.  Whether your employer would like to transfer you or you would like to transfer on a personal level does not matter. There needs to be a qualifying relationship between your current employer and the prospective U.S. employer.

This kind of relationship exists if the U.S. employer is a subsidiary, parent, or an affiliate of the foreign company. In the previous three years, you need to have been employed in a managerial position, in a foreign country, for at least a year. You must receive a job offer from your prospective employer within the US, indicating your position and describing duties.

Enhance your extraordinary Ability

If you are one of the people with extraordinary ability in arts, business, education or athletics, the Eb 1 visa is for you. This type of ability can be demonstrated through commendations received nationally or internationally, over a period of time. You need to have extensive documentation showing your numerous achievements, indicating your rise to the top.

You do not require offer of employment, but you must have an intention to work in the US within that field of expertise. You can petition for this visa by yourself without the help of any U.S. employer. You will however, be required to meet a high standard by showing that you have won a major award.

Alternatively, you should meet a minimum of three out of the ten criteria provided. This criteria is used to determine whether you have met the required expertise level in your category. You will not be required to go through the labor certification process.

How about combining your love for travel with that passion you have always had for your profession? Relocate to the US as you travel to other countries abroad. Allow the Eb 1 visa to do this for you and much more.