The Best Travel Blogs & Sites – My Favorites

Before I started blogging I was inspired daily by many other travelers sharing their experiences. I was constantly discovering new places and destinations I’d never heard of or thought about previously just from following some great travel writers. These are all sites that I’ve enjoyed personally; and that you may find interesting and beneficial to your future travels, daydreams, and bucket list.

  1. Nomadic Samuel – A traveler who’s been all over the place who has interesting & unique stories to share!
  2. Art of Scuba Diving – My good friend Justin Carmack takes on the world’s top 100 scuba diving locations.
  3. Traveling 9 to 5 – An adventurous travel couple on an incredible RTW journey lasting a year and spanning 17 countries.
  4. Waking Up Wild – Michael & Megan Jerrard promote wild and natural places from around the world.
  5. Drew Binsky – Drew has been eating and partying his way around to 50+ countries since 2012, and thrives on having maximum amounts of fun everywhere he goes.
  6. Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world.
  7. Travel With Kat -Travel photographer and writer discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines.
  8. The Expert Vagabond – Around the world adventure travel blog.
  9. Everything-Everywhere – Gary Arndt, 2-time Travel Photographer of the year takes you on a photographic journey to some of the most remote and unknown locations in the world.
  10. Coffee Maker Choose – The Best Places To Drink Coffee(According to 88 travelers and foodies)