We all like to take photos of our trips. We want to share them with friends and family as well as create memories.

Sometimes we post them online or let somewhere like hellocanvas turn them into artwork for our walls or to give as presents. Regardless of why you are taking the photo, you want it to capture the moment, so it can be enjoyed in the future. Here are a few tips to help you to do exactly that.

Take your photos at sunrise or sunset

Getting the lighting right in your photos is all but impossible in the glare of the midday sun. If you want to photograph an important monument or special view get their early or late in the day.

The light just before sunrise or sunset is softer then. Just make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to work out where to take your shot and take enough photos to make sure you get the photo you want. Also, remember to take the shot with the sun at your back.

Don’t forget to include people in your photos

Take a few shots with people in them. Pick someone out at the edge of the scene you want to capture and frame your shot using them. People add interest and force you to look at things from a different perspective. By all means take a few shots as you normally do, but include some people-focused snaps as well.

Shoot using a high resolution

Photos look better when they are taken using a high-resolution. Plus, if later, you want to have them turned into a canvas print you will be pleased that you took this approach. Low-resolution photos end up looking fuzzy when they are blown up and printed out.

The best way to get around issues with space is to delete as you go. Before moving on to your next location, go through the shots and get rid of any that are obviously no good. Later, when you get back to your accommodation, go through them again on a bigger screen. Usually, you will be able to delete a few more.

Try a different perspective

Some of the most interesting photos are taken from a different angle or perspective. When you visit somewhere, try to get a few snaps from a crouching position as well as standing up.

Fill the frame

Distance shots have their place in your collection. But, remember to zoom in and take photos of the details. Generally speaking, filling the frame makes for more engaging pictures.

Share the photography duties

If you have a travelling companion, encourage them to take photos as well. That way if you have an off day you will likely still have some nice pictures you can add to your travel scrapbook.

A free way to learn more

If you feel you need more guidance on the subject, taking an online photography course is probably a good idea. There are some surprisingly comprehensive free courses for you to try.