Traveling isn’t just fun; it is also an excellent opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment, education, and widening the horizons! Thus, traveling is something we believe everyone should experience in his life, and the best time to start is while being in a college!

Complete Guide for Traveling Cheap

One of the first concerns that pop up in a student’s mind when one thinks of traveling is the budget. 

Yet, before we start concentrating on the tips for inexpensive travel, first things first. Before going anywhere during college, secure your educational performance. As many cheap variants for trips appear during the actual semester, you should not worry about the assignments and deadlines.

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Now, let’s get to the guide we have prepared to prove to you that traveling the world can be much cheaper than you think!

Get a Job

One of the easiest ways to make adventures less costly and stressful is to get either a remote or abroad job. There are plenty of opportunities for students seeking freelance jobs. 

Alternatively, you can opt for jobs abroad and also make money while traveling. If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, we recommend considering options like Au Pair, cruise ship worker, etc.

Pick Budget-Friendly Destinations

There are certain destinations that we all dream of visiting. However, it is evident that traveling to the most famous touristic places can be rather pricey. 

Now, here is a smart solution – pick smaller and less popular destinations for your adventures. This can help you save lots of money. 

Students could even pick options that are located really close to their dream destinations and, still, it will be a significant economy. Let’s say you have always wanted to go to Rome but realize that everything there, including accommodation, will be way beyond your budget. 

Then, pick a small cozy city located right next to it! In this case, you will pay twice or more times less for accommodation and can take a bus or train to your adored destination.

Know-How to Search for Flight Deals

Finding the most affordable deals on flights is almost an art. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • look for sales
  • use low-cost airlines
  • use VPN or Incognito mode when searching for tickets. Not many recognize this, but the prices increase for routes that are repeatedly searched from the same IP
  • use search engines. Apps like Skyscanner and AirFair are extremely useful for finding good flight deals
  • get a rewards card. Another great way to save on flights is to register for a flight reward program. 
  • find the cheapest time. A sure way to save lots of money on flights is to travel during the off-season and find the cheapest days.

Save Money on Accommodation

There are four most significant budget eating categories during a journey – flights, food, entertainment, and, of course, accommodation. Each of these things can be extremely pricey. However, there are plenty of money-saving opportunities.

When it comes to saving money on accommodation, a good idea would be to book a bed in a hostel rather than staying in a hotel, and even a better approach is to search for a host on CouchSurfing! Alternatively, students can rent apartments, which is often much cheaper than a hotel room or stay in a camping spot.

Don’t Eat Out Too Often

As was mentioned earlier, food is among those few things that can be rather costly. Thus, if you are planning to travel cheap, you should cook your own meals instead of spending money on eating out.

Consider Buying Passes 

Most touristic places sell special passes for public transport and famous sights. As a rule, buying such a pass can save you lots of money, so don’t neglect this opportunity!

Use Discounts

Most attractions around the world offer discounts to specific groups of people and, as a rule, students are among those groups. Thus, don’t forget your Student ID card and be sure to use every discount opportunity that comes along your way!

Final Bonus

You might already know that traveling for cheap is possible, but what if we tell you that students can do it for free? Sounds too good to be true, right? Yet, it is possible!

One of the biggest perks of being a student is that you have a whole bunch of unique opportunities for discovering the world. Young people can participate in different kinds of international competitions that cover expenses on attendance or offer excellent financial rewards. 

Also, there are plenty of cultural exchange, study abroad, and volunteer programs that cover all expenses. Finally, students of colleges have the possibility to apply for travel grants or sign up for teaching English abroad. 

All of these opportunities are somewhere out there, so all you need to do is seek them and apply.