Norway’s capital city, Oslo, has been named as the most expensive city in the world. I can certainly verify that it is not cheap after visiting this year, but it is an amazing place. Yes it might be expensive but do not fear because I have put together an awesome list of things that won’t cost you a penny in this beautiful European city.


Online Games

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting back in a nice hotel lounge and having some fun on their phone? I know when the weather is bad outside I love to have a flutter and play on an online casino. It’s great fun and if you’re good you can even with some money too – one thing I would suggest is that you read as many reviews as possible to make sure you’re prepared.

All Norwegian casino sites usually have an all casino review page, where you can really learn all about casinos – popular casinos, top rated, etc.


National Gallery

Locally known as the Nasjonalmuseet, this fantastic gallery showcases Norwegian art and pieces from internationally renowned artists. The important thing we need to know is that the gallery is free to enter on Sunday, so make sure you plan your schedule to get this amazing place for free!


Vigeland Sculpture Park

This is not only free but it is also one of the country’s most popular attractions – over a million people flock on Vigeland Sculpture Park each year. The park features more than 200 sculptures from the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. A place that should certainly be on your list.


City Walks

I think the best way to discover a new city is to get out and stroll around, it doesn’t even matter if you get lost because this is how you’ll find some of the best hidden secrets. Oslo is a great place for a city walk because there are many superb vantage points. Make sure you do your research and get some advice from the concierge at your hotel to ensure you have the best walk ever.


Markets and Festivals

Go and hang out with the locals in Oslo’s famous city markets. If you’re there during the festive christmas period then you are in for a real treat because Oslo is famous for its christmas markets. If you enjoy picking up a bargain then head for the flea market in Birkelund, held every Sunday, and get your hands on some unique buys.