China is famous all over the world for its innovative electronics and advanced machinery. But, China has a lot more to offer than that. Tourism is a booming sector in China, especially in the southern parts like the Hanian Province. The Hanian province is located in South China, particularly in South China Sea and consists of several islands. While there are 10 major cities in the Hanian islands, one city stands out from the rest: Sanya.

Sanya is located at the southernmost part of Hanian is a very popular tourist destination, primarily because of the tropical climate for major parts of the year and all the options it offers including tourist activities, shopping, local cuisine, and a lot more. It is infamously known as the “Hawaii of China”.

So, what should you do when you visit Sanya? Well, there are a lot of visitor attractions that you can visit with the most famous being the Guanyin statue and Nanshan Temple of Buddhism, and if you are a beach person then you can visit the Yalong Bay which is 4.7 miles long and has plethora of international and local hotels that will take care of your stay. There are beautiful temples, viewpoints for sunset, etc.

The Whuzhizhou Island is a popular beach that offers several water activities including scuba diving, surfing, snorking, and many other water related activities. Even if you are not a water person, you can enjoy this beach as it offers breathtakingly beautiful views of over 2700 varieties of plants including exotic flowers and trees.

There are places for sightseeing as well like Tianya Haijiao that is located 15 miles west of Sanya City. You can also spot several islets on days when the weather is clear. This place has a prehistoric museum of shells, if sea is something that attracts you.

The Yanoda Rainforest is a very popular cultural tourist attraction and has heavy greenery and the newly opened glass skywalk on the cliff of Wuzhishan Mountain is an adventure experience at 1400ft altitude for the daring tourists.

Being near the sea offers many luxury activities as well like taking a boat for sea exploration and party. Sanya also offers a theme park known as the Sanya Romance Park. This theme park is comprised of 10 theme zones with a combined 30+ entertainment options including theatre, local cuisine, elephant valley, etc. With entry passes starting at just RMB 260, this theme park is a must visit place in Sanya.

Travelling to and inside Sanya is pretty easy as this city has its international airport and taxis are available all over the city. Several buses also run at specific tourist areas. In fact, there is a free bus to the Duty-Free Shopping Centre at Haitang Bay where you can buy all kinds of things like jewellery, electronics, watches, etc. without worrying about duty fees. You can also get discounts at hotels that are affiliated with Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex.

If you want to know more about the duty free shopping experience in Sanya, check out this article which explains everything about Sanya International Duty Free.

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