Yup, people love holidays. Everyone needs a break from his/her daily routine work. People started to plan his or her vacation trip earlier. This break proves useful for the soul. You earn your days off after a hectic job. People always ask for places where they can enjoy more. For me, a beach trip has its own healing power and a unique way of renewing your perspectives. It is always a good feeling to spend holidays on a beach. It gives you energy when you came back to work. 

For those who’re looking for a beach where they can enjoy their trip then here I have an option. Playa Conchal Costa Rica offers everything which a person hope for on a beach trip. It is best known for its sparkling shells and its bright turquoise waters. With its crystal clear water, beautiful sunsets and close location to other beaches it’s a perfect place either for a one day trip or a long stay.

People usually go on a trip to the beach to swim, sunbathe, or relax. But a beach has something more than relaxation. It offers you something more than spending a day in sand and water.  

Those who want to add more excitement and fun to their beach trip, there are many things to do in Playa Conchal. Here I have some reasons why you should plan your next trip to Playa Conchal.

Snorkeling in Playa Conchal’s Crystal Clear Water

Playa Conchal’s calm water motivate everyone to give a shot to snorkeling. It is the most popular spot for snorkelers, a lot of humans swim along the northern end of the Playa, where a vibrant reef lay beneath the water. You’ll see plenty of fishes with bright colors which you have never seen before. 

Jet Ski

If you are thinking about Jet Ski, then jet around the Brasilito Bay is the best idea. You can spend quality time here. There are many other beaches, but playa conchal’s Jet Ski experience will take you to the next level. 

You can take a Jet Ski on rent to go on your own, or you can take guided Jet Ski tour to make your experience fear free. 


Although everyone does not like to play golf and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like to play, then, it’ll be worth it to spend your money on this tour. It offers you an excellent gulf experience also an outstanding view of tropical dry woodlands. 

National Parks

For those who came here for one or two days, Playa Conchal offers them too much. Its natural beauty attracts tourists and locals. It is full of fun and beautiful scenery. It is a perfect spot for families and couples to spend their quality time

Way to arrive at your destination is also super cool what you have to do is park your car at the guesthouse and walk about a kilometer to the white sand. Feel the spray of the ocean on your face and fresh wind in your hair.

 I hope you’ll enjoy your next beach trip because it has many options for visitors and provides them an entertaining and fun environment.