America is such a huge country it is understandable that you can travel to different states and experience vastly different landscapes, but which ones could be classed as the most diverse and contrasting?

If you book your Georgia package, for instance, you know that you will be heading to a part of the country that can be considered truly unique and memorable.

Here are some American destinations that deserve to be on your travel itinerary if you want to see some truly different sights when you visit.

A great welcome

First on the list is the aforementioned Georgia, which is a state that has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most welcoming parts of the country.

Alongside offering exceptional southern hospitality it is a place that delivers some truly breathtaking scenery. This is a state that offers you mountains and waterfalls, as well as some great beaches, so you get a bit of everything when you come to Georgia.

This state is blessed with a lot of natural beauty and it is also worth mention that the so-called Peach State has a temperate climate, so you can normally enjoy your hiking or coastal adventure while enjoying some fine weather.

Natural splendor

Next on the list is Oregon, which is a state that boasts memorable rugged shorelines combined with gorgeous lush green forests to explore too.

If you are looking for the star attraction in Oregon it is arguably Blue Crater Lake, although Smith’s Rock State Park will win the hearts and minds of many as well.

What you get with Oregon is a land that is filled with striking contrasts and landscapes that are never forgotten, once seen.

A popular choice

Another state that tends to score heavily when people vote on their favorite destination is Colorado.

Bless with an almost unfair amount of natural beauty, highlighted by the Rocky Mountains and some epic lakes, the epitome of Colorado’s diversity is summed up by the unique rock formations there known as the Garden of the Gods.

Aloha to a special place

Hawaii has a truly distinctive character and you won’t find another state like it, especially when it comes to the array of flora and fauna on display.

This state is a real feast for the eyes when you come across amazing flowing volcanos, including the largest one on the planet known as Mauna Loa, and the sunrises at special places such as Maui’s Haleakala National Park will prove to be unforgettable once witnessed.

Hawaii can rightly be considered as a geological wonder that warrants its place on any list of must-see states, especially if you are searching out some iconic experiences that you will be talking about for years to come.

The United States delivers plenty of visual treats and experiences and these states highlighted deserve to be visited if you are looking for some of the most diverse landscapes you can find anywhere on the planet.